Transforming the guest experience with mobile - a case study, June 2018

Over the past decade, Silverspot Cinema has established itself as one of the premium cinema destinations in the United States. After 75 years in Latin America, the family-run cinema entered the US with its first site in Naples, Florida. Silverspot brought with it a unique take on “a night at the movies”, rarely seen in the US at the time – a sophisticated guest experience, combined with an upscale food & beverage offering.

Since its arrival on the US scene in Naples, Silverspot has expanded to an additional two sites in Coconut Creek, Florida, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

With the imminent opening of its new flagship site in Miami, and its first full dine-in concept near Cleveland, Ohio, Silverspot continues to stay at the forefront of cinema innovation.

Silverspot was among the first cinemas to pioneer the modern in-seat delivery model, building a reputation for a superior service and experience accessible to all guests. Technology has always played a key role in developing the Silverspot experience; indeed, the Naples theatre opened without a box office, one of the earliest examples of the move towards self-service.

Embracing technology to develop and enhance the guest experience has been part of the Silverspot DNA since day one, and is one of the most important reasons behind the decision to partner with Vista Apps.