Vista Cinema is the world leader in cinema management software

Our purpose is empowering a world of cinema. Founded in Auckland in 1996, our growth has led to installations in more than 100 countries and an estimated 46% global market share of the large cinema circuit.*
*Cinemas with screens 20+ excluding China and India

Our love of cinema is evident...

From the innovation of our products through to our industry dedication, along with the extraordinary skill set of our team and ability to adapt to the ever changing consumer landscape. These attributes combined with the service that we provide to our global community of customers, have made us the industry leader we are today.

Our global community of customers have made us the industry leader we are today
Our new chapter brings more relevant and timely innovation for our clients

2021 signified an important milestone in our history as we moved our solutions to Saas

This new chapter in our history means more relevant and timely innovation for our clients than ever before, allowing cinemas to focus on what’s important to them, the cinema-goer experience. These changes are all driven by an unwavering passion to support the industry we love, cinema.

Our locations

Vista is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Cape Town and more.


Vista founded




Global offices


Global market share
*excluding China and India

Vista Cloud

A new generation of reliable and scalable cinema software, cloud-hosted and fully managed by Vista.

Fully hosted and managed cinema software
Optimise your experience across web, mobile and kiosk

Vista Digital

Your partner for a seamless and unique omnichannel experience across web, mobile app and kiosk.


Technology overview

Vista Cloud uses best-of-breed cloud native technologies, so it scales with your workload, both adaptively as well as pre-emptively for those blockbuster sales days.

Relevant Technologies: Kubernetes, Azure SQL, Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Rabbit MQ, Azure Cosmos DB, Redis
Vista leverages Auth0’s industry standard identity platform which allows you to use your existing trusted Single Sign on provider to access the power of Vista Cloud. Use the control and security of your organisation’s federated identity provider, coupled with Vista’s rich role-based access control, to restrict key operations easily and quickly to the right people. We also utilise best of class solutions to secure, monitor and protect our platform, giving confidence that we treat your data and systems with the care they deserve.

Relevant Technologies: Auth0, Azure, Cloudflare, Alien Vault SIEM, Webroot AV
Building on Cloud Native industry standard technology platforms gives us the perfect foundation to provide you with the highly available services you need. Vista’s Cloud offering permits geographic redundancy options to give an even higher level of peace of mind, even if the worst happens.

Relevant Technologies: Kubernetes, Azure SQL, Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Availability Zones
Utilising the full power of the web through rich front-end frameworks we deliver compelling user experiences that reduce the time your staff spend entering data and performing administrative tasks, freeing up time to focus on delighting your customers. Common functions can be done on the run, utilising portable devices, allowing your managers and cinema staff to get things done no matter where in the Cinema they find themselves.

We are creating the next generation of sales channels based on a common component stack, based on Umbraco and React, delivering a true omnichannel experience.  Leveraging Vista’s Customer Experience Engine, Movio’s intelligence and Vista’s Living Ticket, you can engage the customer in a feature rich, personalised way from campaign inception, through to the end credits and beyond.

Relevant Technologies: Angular, React, Umbraco, Ionic, Movio, Vista Customer Experience Engine
Vista Cloud arms you with the tools to quickly turn vast amounts of everyday data into actionable operational insight. Horizon, Vista’s Business Intelligence platform, is included in Vista Cloud capturing near real time data from all your Operational Data Stores and making them available for immediate analysis. Horizon stores hundreds of data points providing your teams with inbuilt business intelligence dashboards, and even allows you to bring your own business intelligence tools and external data, giving you the power to customise how best to deliver insight to your staff.

Paired with the best of Vista Group, Movio, Cinema Intelligence and Numero, we utilise advanced Machine Learning Technology to enable you to optimise your film content and the tools to reach the right moviegoers at the right time.

Relevant Technologies: Azure SQL, Azure SQL Hyperscale, Rabbit MQ, Kubernetes, DevExpress, Movio, Cinema Intelligence, Numero
Vista Cloud is designed with extensibility at its core. A rich API suite based on open standards is exposed to allow for Vista’s rich functionality to be utilised and extended by your organisation or by trusted partners.

Dozens of integration points in the software enable Vista core software to customise the Vista Cloud system to meet your local and business requirements. Integrations as diverse as hardware, payments and fiscal (to name a small number) utilise these extensibility points to enable Vista Cloud to adapt to the unique requirements of your business.

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We’re excited about our next chapter and what that looks like both for ourselves and the future of cinema. If you’re creative, driven, and believe in the power film has to connect us together, then we want you!

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