Mars Cinema Group, Turkey, April 2016

"Throughout the years, Mars has used various cinema management software. Having worked with platforms that did not keep up with Mars’ growing business and trending cinema technologies, Mars proceeded to look for a new software solution. During this time, Mars chose Vista through recommendations from other international cinema chains with the belief that Vista would be the best choice to adapt progressive cinema technologies. Thus, the business partnership between Vista and Mars Cinema Group began.

"We have been using Vista across our entire business since 2013 and it has been developing in an upward trend.

"Mars chose Vista for its ease of use, abundant reporting tools, and numerous customizable modules.

"Vista’s Head Office is our main keep for all HQ operations; we can manage cinemas with variable modules that make it possible to administer all campaigns and adjustments. Besides Head Office, Vista’s Vouchers and Gift Cards is another product that favors our campaigns and sales. As it is more secure and reliable, we now use vouchers for promotions and mass sales all the time. Another great aspect of Vista is Loyalty; we currently have about two million people using our loyalty system actively. Vista’s Loyalty provides exclusive offers and deals increasing moviegoer demand for our cinemas.

"On the cinema level, we have been using Vista Cinema for our whole circuit (83 cinemas and over 730 screens) to manage local operations; Vista’s POS, Vista’s Kiosk, and Vista’s UsherPoint have been used as the base applications on our sites. Vista’s POS is user-friendly at both ends; the operator interface is clear and assistive and the interface is self-explanatory at customer displays and kiosks. Additionally, we have been using Vista’s online ticketing systems (Vista Web) in our cinema chain.

"Working with Vista is like having new family members; Mars and Vista have a very sincere relationship with professional boundaries. Vista provides high-quality support throughout every step — requested developments, customizations, and even little questions are never left unanswered.

"We love Vista."

- Erkan Varul, Software Manager, Mars Cinema Group

About Mars Cinema Group

Mars Cinema Group was established in Turkey, 2001, with the philosophy of creating a unique moviegoer experience by combining technology and comfort with a service approach that is beyond customer’s expectations. Mars follows the development of cinema technology closely and brings these new concepts to the Turkish audience ahead of other chains, offering the maximum cinema experience for its guests. Its brand, Cinemaximum, is Turkey’s leading cinema brand with 736 screens, in 32 cities, in 83 locations.

One of Mars Cinema’s aims is to provide Anatolian moviegoers with high standard cinema halls. Accordingly, Cinemaximum offers spacious, comfortable, and ultra-modern cinema halls throughout Turkey. As the owner of all IMAX movie theaters in Turkey, in November 2015 Mars Cinema Group was the first to bring 4DX technology to the Turkish audience. It is also the first cinema chain in Turkey to have completed the digital transformation of all image and sound systems.


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