iPic Theaters, HQ – Boca Raton, Florida, USA, June 2014

iPic’s mission statement is “to bring people together for an exceptionally entertaining experience, in an inviting and unique destination.”  iPic is renowned for excellent service, innovative technology, and luxurious movie-going experiences. The entire chain currently consists of ten sites, with two more soon to be added; all are designed to exceed the movie-goers’ expectations. The newly opened Westwood, California location is a prime example of iPic’s extraordinary experience.

This has proven to be an ideal environment to form a partnership with the global leader in cinema management software.

iPic Theaters uses Vista software for Vista Cinema, Loyalty, and custom website solutions. Building on that experience, iPic also recently chose to switch its enhanced Food and Beverage (F&B) operations to Vista. After adopting Vista F&B at its Mizner Park, Florida and new Westwood, California locations, it was an easy decision to migrate all of iPic’s sites to Vista F&B.

When iPic’s movie-goers first walk into the Westwood theater, they are instantly dazzled by the larger-than-life full-screen customer kiosks by the front entrance. These kiosks showcase Vista’s newly enhanced software that fills up the screens with movie trailers, customisable advertisements, and an interactive ticket purchasing experience. So it begins at iPic.

Walk through the foyer and you’re welcomed by the contemporary décor of the Tanzy Restaurant and Salt Bar – and the cool, efficient service provided by iPic’s team. Each is able to quickly take orders from customers – including by utilising the stunning graphic table layouts within Vista F&B.

iPic is renowned for its fine dining, and has an extensive menu of items. Modifiers, features, and options are used in both restaurant and bar. This, along with multi-kitchen print routing, results in comprehensive operations in the Tanzy Restaurant, Tanzy Express, Salt Bar and in-theatre dining auditoriums.  

iPic promises that customers will receive their food within 30 minutes and their staff easily utilise functionality such as the ability to apply comps, discounts, and scheduled deals, (Happy Hours for example). All such service features are centrally configured in Vista software.

At iPic’s Westwood location, there are six luxurious auditoriums and an additional bar and restaurant venue ‘upstairs’. The Premium seating area in each auditorium allows customers to bring food or drinks to their seats to enjoy during the movie. The ‘Premium Plus’ seating area boasts an even more extravagant guest experience via complimentary pillows, blankets, and popcorn.  In addition, guests are able to engage with iPic’s innovative technology by using its Vista-integrated self-service customer-facing tablets.  Just like Vista’s Point of Sale, the hundreds of iPads allow guests to customise their orders and enjoy gourmet food delivered directly to their reclining seats. It’s a wonder they ever go home! Guests can also continue their tab back at the bar for post-movie drinks or snacks.

iPic Theaters chose to transition to Vista F&B for several reasons; they benefit from having seamless integration with Vista Cinema, F&B, Head Office management, Loyalty, and other modules. Further, iPic’s multi-tier loyalty programme allows their customers to earn benefits across all areas of their experience.  

Most importantly, Vista’s enhanced F&B functionality catered to cinema eateries, and with its added functionality for tabs, table layouts, and mobility via tablets, iPic’s choice of Vista, aligned completely with their mission.

What made Vista F&B desirable for the iPic concept is that we’re not purely a cinema and not purely a restaurant so we need a POS solution that can give us full functionality in both. Vista wanted to hear what we were looking for to make their F&B product viable in our environment, and they were able to deliver a system with many of the new developments that we needed, to make it work.

Darryl Leversuch, VP of Technology at iPic Theaters

By implementing a seamless, feature and benefit-rich, integrated system, iPic has a complete solution that meets their exceptional movie-goer experience demands.