Vista Digital
Deliver the best digital experience for your moviegoers

Vista Digital empowers cinemas to deliver innovative moviegoing experiences and effortlessly handle billions of moviegoer transactions.

Robust, reliable, and secure

  • Proactively scaled and monitored transaction pipeline - equipped to handle blockbuster moments
  • Regular updates for effortless access to new innovation
  • Hosted and managed by Vista

Grow and engage your moviegoer audiences

  • Personalised user experiences
  • Incentivise repeat patronage and target your marketing for maximum impact
  • Analyse and influence moviegoer behaviour

Create new revenue streams

  • Flexible and comprehensive sales channel options
  • Robust ticketing engine with powerful transaction flows
  • Natively integrated food & beverage ordering, member sign-up, and e-gift store
Vista Digital

Our Digital Solutions


Sleek cinema websites, mobile apps, & kiosks

Seamless omnichannel ticketing with natively integrated food and beverage, gift cards, vouchers, loyalty, and subscriptions are within reach, no matter the sales channel. Our white label sales channels include the all-new scan-to-order food service.

  • Optimised for conversion
  • User-centred responsive design
  • Highly configurable

Bespoke cinema websites to fit your brand

Deliver award-winning user experiences. Work with our in-house agency for custom-made browsing and best practice ticketing experience.

  • Collaborative process
  • Unique guest experience
  • Industry standard transaction flows

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