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Develop your own ticketing technologies – with our help.

Connect is at the heart of the technologies Vista has developed to create some of the world’s best experiences for cinema customers, cinema staff, and management. With Connect, this same proven technology is available to assist you to develop your own custom software.

Connect is a collection of web services and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) used by Vista to remotely access products that manage ticketing and film session functions for multiple cinemas in a circuit. It is a robust, scalable and proven platform that you can use to build mobile apps (for both iOS and Android environments) and to power online ticketing on your website. Connect’s APIs are continually updated to keep up with our evolving technology, keeping your development current.

Using our proven technology, you’re able to develop your software with efficiency and simple integration.

Connect enables easy integration with third party systems, simplifying the deployment of new products and services. It provides you with all the tools you need for managing payments and developing shopping cart functions, including the ability for items to be added and viewed as your customers navigate your site.

Using Connect’s content delivery network (CDN) functionality, you can efficiently deliver and manage media stored in the media library. Information such as events, promotions, merchandise, or film images can be sent to multiple sales channels and to your website.

At the core of Connect is the Vista IT database. This can be configured to manage ticketing for multiple cinemas, with settings modified to control how third parties can interact. Sales data for a circuit is collated, centralized, and stored by the database, enabling you to easily access the information through a number of services. The IT database also tracks the real-time status of each transaction and can identify tickets that have been selected but not yet paid for.

Since all transactional data is stored, Connect has the ability to retrieve information about Loyalty members, refund previous sales, and present aggregated information about a particular cinema circuit.

Connect provides everything you need to build, integrate, and deploy your technology in one simple, affordable package:

  • Scalable and tailored for a load-balanced environment
  • Interfaces based on common standards
  • A CDN component that can be hosted externally for image delivery.

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Projection Interface

Hit fast-forward on cinema scheduling.

Thanks to Vista’s Projection, time-consuming double-handling of scheduling information is a thing of the past.

Instead of entering your cinema’s schedule details into Vista and then transferring them into your TMS (Theater Management System), Projection’s web service interface  ‘talks’ directly to your TMS, reducing the time spent running your cinema every week. In addition, you can enter trailer schedules in Vista, and they will be sent automatically to your TMS.

The TMS regularly queries Vista for scheduling changes, and updates your projection schedule automatically. Just create your weekly schedule using Showtime Manager or Film Programming and Projection takes care of the rest!

Vista Projection automates and speeds up scheduling, reducing errors and staff costs.

There are no new skills to learn, and no new is hardware required. Your projectionist just does what they’ve always done, and Vista makes it happen behind the scenes.

With your programming in such good hands, your staff can get on with running other aspects of your business, knowing your scheduling is taken care of.

Requirements for Projection

The Vista Projection web service integrates with TMS systems such as Arts, Alliance, and GDC. It’s available via both REST and SOAP-based protocols.

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Air Conditioning Interface

The star behind low air-con bills.

Running multiple cinemas every day means every dollar counts. Vista’s Air Conditioning will ensure you’re not paying for undue expenses, with the benefit going straight to your bottom line.

Air Conditioning takes Vista admit data and automatically customises the air conditioning flow levels based on the number of seats sold. For your business, this means you’re never spending more than you need to keep the climate comfortable.

Save money on power bills and drive away complaints that your auditorium is too cold.

Vista’s Air Conditioning is flexible, ensuring your cinema management is able to override and control the temperature for situations such as Private Screenings.

Requirements for Air Conditioning

Your cinema complex requires a Building Management System that allows for Vista data to be read and the airflow levels to be updated accordingly.

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Services Site

After installing your Vista cinema management software, our team of technical experts is always available to help in person or by phone and email. Access Vista's Services Site to find a comprehensive range of support services and products.

Vista's Services Site is your primary means of communication with the Vista services team. The site enables you to log new incidents and view existing ones easily, and allows you to keep an overview of current concerns and suggestions you have regarding the Vista product suite.

The Services Site is also the main repository of customer information including user, site, license, and product information, as well as the distribution point for our software packages and documentation. You can download software packages, POS (Point of Sale) media images, and documentation on Vista products, including installation and user guides, feature guides, glossaries, and technical bulletins.

Any incidents you experience with our products can be logged through the site, to be handled by a services team member. Attachments such as error logs and screen shots can be added to help with the troubleshooting process. Incident reporting and updates are acknowledged by email.

You are also able to use the services site for suggesting improvements to Vista software. Questions or enquiries about any Vista product will be promptly answered by a Vista services consultant.

A forum on the site makes it possible to discuss your business needs with Vista experts and other theatre exhibitors. A searchable knowledge base provides answers to thousands of questions about Vista software. As well as this, an API section provides API-related documentation and the ability to discuss your integration questions with Vista experts and other developers.

The services site is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Find a wealth of information on your Vista software installs and keep on track of your support requests

Language Manager

Vista’s Language Manager enables you to translate Vista user interface (UI) text into your chosen language. Once translated, the interface text can be downloaded as a file and distributed to your cinemas. Users can use Vista in their own language, without the Vista software suite needing to be updated.

Language Manager simplifies the work of translating your user interface by suggesting translations where possible, and by providing the ability to copy a translation from one UI label to all matching labels.


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