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Vista Web

Providing a great online experience.

Vista Web lets your customers purchase tickets, concessions, and other items online. They can browse the website to see what’s ‘now showing’ or what’s ‘coming soon’. Movie synopses, ratings, trailers, and links to official film websites are all visible, and loyalty information personalizes the site for your customers. Site searches retrieve film options and available sessions for specified date ranges, with multiple languages supported.

By booking and paying for tickets to sessions online, customers can avoid queues and feel reassured they have reserved their preferred seats at any cinema in your circuit. For your business, it means reduced rush-hour queues, lower staffing costs, and happy customers.

Many customers prefer to get their tickets online, so they don’t have to worry about whether the movie will sell out before they arrive. They don’t have to line up and wait around.

General admission or allocated seating can be offered, and booking fees can be applied. Allocated seating can give your customers the ability to choose their seats, or it can operate on a best-seat-available basis. You can choose to display a seating map so your customers can select from the available seating without having to first specify the type of ticket they prefer. Vista Web also supports the display of wheelchair and companion seats in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Vista Web gives customers the option of print-at-home tickets for paid bookings. Online credit card clearance is implemented via a number of standard interfaces, and either processed directly through the website, or with a third party such as PayPal. Once payment is authorized, an email confirmation of the order is sent with the tickets attached. Apple’s Passbook and iOS Calendar appointments can be included in the confirmation email.

Vista Web

Ticket pickup for Vista Web sales can be enabled at Kiosk or POS (Point of Sales). Customers simply swipe the card that was used to make their booking, or scan or enter a booking code to receive their tickets. Vista Web’s integration with UsherPoint allows you to scan customer’s print-at-home tickets, eliminating the need to line up at POS. Integration with social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) is available, allowing customers to ‘like’ and rate films, and share their upcoming booking with their friends.

Vista Web is fully integrated with Vista’s Loyalty, so your customers can sign up and accumulate loyalty points from web purchases. Members can use their loyalty points to pay for orders and loyalty cards can be configured to work as gift cards, allowing a member to store credit on their card to make purchases via the website. They can pay for membership renewals, check their balance and maintain their details online in designated Loyalty Club pages, as well as view historical purchases, bookings, and points earned.

Loyalty members have the ability to 'like'/'dislike' trailers. They can also rate and leave comments about films, food and drinks, and their overall experience. Films with trailers that were 'liked' by members will be promoted to them when they go on sale.

Vista Web is scalable for circuits of any size and can be implemented as a full browsing and ticketing website, or to just power ticketing for your own site. It can be customized with your cinema data and media, using Vista’s content delivery network (CDN) and media library.

Vista Web Mobile

A mobile friendly version of the Vista Web ticketing site (Vista Web Mobile) is licensed separately and available as a separate module. This site has been designed to maximize the use of the available screen real estate and reduce page loading times for mobile devices. Vista Web Mobile is designed specifically for ease of use on a small touch screen device and includes the most popular functionality from the full desktop site:

  • View Now Showing and Coming Soon movie listings.
  • Drill into Movie Information, watch YouTube Trailers, and check session times.
  • Locate cinemas on Google Maps, view address information and contact details, as well as parking and public transport options.
  • Purchase tickets to one or more sessions using vouchers, third-party membership tickets, and dynamic pricing (airline style) tickets.
  • Select seats if allocated seating is enabled.
  • Purchase concessions.
  • Pay with Credit Card, Stored Value Card Payment, and Loyalty Points using your mobile online or at pick up. Card Wallet functionality is supported.
  • Receive confirmation emails with print-at-home tickets.
  • Sign into Loyalty to view Points, Rewards and Upcoming Bookings.
Vue Entertainment

Proudly displaying their unique branding, Vista Web is Vue’s main sales site, built for dynamic pricing updates, and blockbuster releases with huge transaction demands.

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Vista Mobile

Everything cinema, on the go.

Vista Mobile gives your customers everything they need to control their cinema experience while they are on the move, through an intuitive, customisable branded app interface that’s so easy to use.

Vista Mobile at a glance

  • Control in your customers’ hands. Customers can purchase tickets, check session times, order food and beverage and leave experience reviews, all on their mobile device for any cinema in your circuit.
  • Powerful functionality. Vista Mobile integrates with Loyalty, Food & Beverage and Vouchers & Gift Cards so customers get all the benefits of Vista functionality.
  • We customise it for you. Logos, cinema data, film posters, advertising, and more - all in an easy-to use mobile interface you can brand.
  • Give your customers a voice. In-app feedback encourages customers to share their opinions, giving you valuable insights, greater customer engagement and control of app store ratings.
  • Payment options. Through its integration with Braintree, Vista Mobile is Apple Pay and Android Pay compatible, so purchasing is easy.
  • Eases POS pressure. Mobile ticket purchasers can bi-pass POS altogether, shortening queues and easing pressure on staff.

For customers using your Vista Mobile app, booking a movie is only part of the experience; they can see trailers, synopses, run-time, opening dates, seat maps, and viewers ratings, as well as search for movies. They can also post feedback of their cinema experience with you.


Loyalty and more

Customers booking via Vista Mobile enjoy the advantages of the Vista Loyalty modules which integrate with it – earning loyalty points, redeeming rewards, paying with loyalty points, and storing rewards for later use. They can even sign up to your loyalty programme on their device and use gift cards and vouchers for payment too.

Food glorious food

Vista Mobile order and delivery options allow customers to arrange food and beverages in advance for in-seat delivery, or for counter pick up to enjoy during the movie –their movie experience can be as ‘self-service’ as they want it to be!

It’s just how you want it.

Demonstrate through your customised Vista Mobile app your flexibility and responsiveness to customers’ in app feedback.  Simply select the functionality you want through Vista Connect, and by turning mobile features on and off you can create the perfect feature suite for your visitors.  No need to republish to the app store either.


Try the Vista Mobile demo now on your own devices; it’s available in both the Apple™ App Store and the Google™ Play Store.

The tech

Vista Mobile requires you to have the following:

  • An Apple Developer™ and/or Google Play Developer™ account
  • iOS8 or Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • Vista Connect equivalent version

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Vista Mobile. Everything cinema, on the go.

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Helping customers help themselves, welcome to Vista Kiosk

Vista Kiosk is an advanced self-service ticketing system that streamlines ticket purchase and collection for customers and takes the pressure off POS lanes when the cinema is busy, so both cinema staff and customers are happy. Vista Kiosk is a win-win!

Vista Kiosk benefits at a glance

  • Eases POS lane congestion. When the cinema is busy, Kiosk eases the pressure on the front of house team, so their service is never compromised.
  • Faster and easier for customers. Kiosk’s rich touch screen graphics make it easy and enjoyable for customers to purchase and pick up tickets.
  • Kiosk does it all. Not only can customers purchase or collect tickets, Kiosk also offers seat allocation, food and beverage ordering and prints tickets and vouchers.
  • Personalises the cinema experience for loyal customers. Loyalty members are greeted by name and shown their loyalty points.
  • Kiosk can be where your customers are. You can install Vista Kiosk in malls and main shopping areas so customers can purchase at their convenience.
  • Doubles as a promotional tool. Customers can browse “now showing “and “coming soon” movies and watch trailers. You can customise Kiosk advertising too.

A complete self-service experience your customers will love

Kiosk gives your customers the power to define their own cinema experience, all on an easy-to-use touch screen and without queuing at point of sale.

Set up Kiosk in purchase mode, and customers can buy a tailored concession package based on their order. They can choose seating (or Kiosk can allocate it automatically) and buy tickets to multiple sessions in one transaction. Kiosk even has a multi-cinema option, so customers can purchase tickets from a list of your cinemas, all from one Kiosk.

Kiosk has food and beverage ordering built in, so your customers can pick up their pre-ordered food and drink at your food service counter, and have their pizza or a glass of wine delivered during the movie if your cinema offers that service.

Kiosk ‘pick-up’ mode allows your customers to see and view their bookings and select the tickets they want to pick up.

Build loyalty

Vista Kiosk builds and enhances customer loyalty, greeting existing customers by name to personalise their movie experience and showing them their rewards accumulated to date. Existing loyalty members can redeem reward tickets or concession items at Kiosk, and the loyalty sign up process is easy for new customers.

Kiosk extends your reach

Because you can run Vista Kiosk in remote locations with an internet connection, you can extend your advertising into high traffic areas such as shopping malls, main streets, or outside your cinema, which helps to bring in impulse movie-goers.

Here, customers can browse ‘now showing’ and coming movies, watch trailers, and get all the information they want about current movies to make a purchase decision. Plus, you can customise your advertising reel to run on the same screen using Vista Head Office.

Easy payment options

Customer payment is easy with Vista Kiosk. Kiosk accepts credit, debit, cash and loyalty cards, as well as scanning and accepting valid vouchers.

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Call Centre

Personalize your customer’s experience.

Call Centre gives your customers a personalised experience they will appreciate. They will be able to speak with a real person, not just about booking and paying for tickets, but about session and seating options, ticket pick-up, and loyalty information - plus they skip the queue at the cinema.

Telephone operators receive calls from your customers, who specify their booking preferences. With pre-scripted prompts, an intuitive interface, and visibility of other cinemas, it is simple for the operator to guide callers through seat selection and ticket purchase. Call Centre has a web-based interface and operators can be internal, or from third-party contracted companies.

Being able to book and pay over the phone provides peace of mind. Your customers know they won’t show up to a sold-out film and that they’ll get the seats they wanted.

The operator can provide session times, offer information and promotions, sell tickets, and select specific seats. Booking fees can be applied giving a rapid ROI and moviegoers can pay using various methods, including credit card, loyalty gift card, and vouchers. Tickets can be collected on-site and both SMS and email booking confirmations are available.

Operators can view availability at other screens and cinema sessions. If a requested session is sold out, the operator can suggest an alternative screening to retain the sale. Notes of any special requirements can be recorded against a booking for POS pickup.

Any paid or unpaid bookings made through Call Centre and other sales channels (including Vista Web and Vista Mobile) can be refunded or canceled by operators, with appropriate permissions.

Call Centre

Integration with Vista’s Loyalty allows members to accrue points and recognitions. Call Centre also supports real-time validation of third-party member tickets and Call Centre operators have the ability to sign up patrons to loyalty programs and manage patrons' loyalty account details. Tickets for multiple members can be added in a single transaction.

If customers are not loyalty members, basic details can be saved in Call Centre for ease of use in later bookings, resulting in a smooth and friendly customer experience.

Call tracking enables cinema managers to capture key data for each call, including the time, duration, and call reason. Managers can also track the efficiency and effectiveness of each operator.

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