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Head Office

Get control of every cinema in your circuit.

With an automated flow of data between Head Office and your cinema sites, you have everything you need to configure and control your cinema’s operations from a central location.

Head Office is a ‘command centre’ for owners of cinema circuits. It enables film data, ticket types, promotions, concessions, cash management, pricing, media, and hardware to be configured centrally, and to be seamlessly delivered to multiple cinemas.

With your data accurately transferred to selected sites, your cinema managers have the straightforward task of managing their local operations that do not need interpretation or clarification.

With Head Office you can control every little detail in every cinema - AND keep your eye on the big picture. By automating data transfer between Head Office and your cinemas, you will save time and money and know your data is being distributed accurately.

All your film and concession information can be entered at Head Office and distributed automatically, along with information about POS (Point of Sale), special promotions, workstation configurations and much more. Because all templates and configurations are standardized, they can be implemented effortlessly in a new cinema.

Film hire calculations can be automated. Powerful and flexible contracts can be configured, allowing you to communicate to your distributors accurately and quickly.

Vista’s Head Office assembles all the information you require for daily cinema operations, providing you with visibility across your business and easy access to data. All sales and performance data from your cinemas and stores is collected in one place for reporting and analysis, using a variety of graphical and web based tools. Data can be presented to suit you preferences, with all analyses available in printed or graphical form. Full inventory and financial reporting by individual cinemas makes it easy to track and optimize performance.

Head Office is cost effective and saves you and your staff time by removing unnecessary repetitive tasks and re-entry of data.

Head Office Uploads & Downloads

Read this edition of Vista Uncovered to learn about how Vista can help you address the challenge of managing data across a large-scale cinema circuit.

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Vista Analytics

It’s all about having a complete view of your circuit or cinema’s action.

Vista Analytics provides a detailed and immediate view of your business's critical information, supplying you with everything you need to know to make smart, well-informed decisions, anytime, anywhere.

Vista Analytics gives you the knowledge and insight to make well-informed decisions about your business.

Three products make up the Vista Analytics module:

  • Performance Dashboard
  • Infoworks
  • Circuit Stats

Vista Analytics works in conjunction with Head Office and requires the Head Office product to be installed.

Performance Dashboard is a full-featured, pre-configured browser-based dashboard that presents a real-time graphical view of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data for your circuit and cinemas.

Your organization’s performance data is analyzed and displayed in a set of predefined gadgets. In-progress Vista Web sales data is available, along with real-time admit data from across your circuit or for an individual cinema.

Performance Dashboard

All key performance elements, such as box office receipts, concessions revenue, internet sales, spend per patron, and occupancy are displayed. For more detail, it’s easy to drill down into the performance of specific operations, such as sales numbers for concession items, individual film performance, cinema KPIs, and more. Data can be filtered to show performance by date, region, individual cinemas and other criteria.

Infoworks is a browser-based tool that enables detailed drag and drop analysis of data that has been gathered within Vista Cinema. Your business analysts are provided with visibility to pinpoint issues and opportunities, and to answer questions about the performance of your business. KPIs and exception reports can be displayed in variety of different tabular or graphical forms, or can be exported into Microsoft Excel for enhanced analysis and reporting.

Infoworks views can be saved and published, so that common views of data can be provided to cinema and circuit management.

Circuit Stats provides you with the ability to monitor cinema performance from an iOS device or web browser. You have instant access to key cinema statistics from across your circuit or from an individual cinema while you are away from your office, giving you the ability to support and assist remote cinema sites.

Data is presented in real time. Key information such as box office and concession revenue, spend per patron, and transaction strike rate is presented on a daily summary screen, with the ability to drill down for more detailed information.

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Customer loyalty that keeps them coming back for more.

Loyalty gives you an insight into the behaviour of your most loyal customers, so you can deliver them more of what they love most. Loyalty works with a wide range of existing membership programs, and provides everything you need to keep your most frequent customers returning.

Drive repeat business with ease, by looking after your best customers.

Loyalty is highly configurable, and will support whatever loyalty program you want to offer. By combining Vista’s wide experience of loyalty systems with your knowledge of your customers, Vista can help you to set up a loyalty program that fully meets your needs.

It is easy to tailor different rewards and different tiers of recognition, based on individual members’ preferences. Loyalty’s powerful and flexible filters let you create customer groups with unlimited themes, such as frequent patrons of daytime sessions or high spenders on concessions. You can develop highly targeted campaigns using previous records of purchases, behaviour, and activities to create specific customer groups for tailored micro-marketing. Simple surveys can be answered at POS (Point of Sale) and used to drive a subsequent customer-specific campaign.

Highly specific demographic data can be defined and extracted to help you gain a precise understanding of your market. With one system combining your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Marketing Campaign Management, Loyalty forms an easy-to-use, cinema-specific tool. It can help improve the efficiency of your marketing programs while dramatically reducing your current marketing costs.


Loyalty integrates seamlessly with POS and other Vista products, linking rewards, memberships, concessions, points and promotions in multiple sales channels to deliver the best possible interactive member experience. By logging into their Loyalty account on Vista Web and Vista Mobile, members can give star ratings and comments for each visit to your cinema. Using push notifications and email, your cinema can also proactively prompt ratings for film, food and drinks, and overall experience, gaining valuable customer behavior and insights data. By gauging audience interest in films based on ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ rankings of trailers and film reviews, your cinema can revise schedules and marketing to optimize box office earnings, and improve customer experience at particular sites.

The Loyalty management functions are entirely web-based, so administration can be distributed within your organisation or outsourced to a third party. Partner products are also supported in Loyalty to enable co-marketing and collaboration opportunities. Third-party business partners can connect to the Loyalty server for online validation and recording of member activity. Members can earn points and redeem rewards with your partners. These reward schemes allow you to offer products or services at a special price or in exchange for points earned through sales, concessions, or box office.

Hoyts Australia

Hoyts award winning loyalty program came about through the installation of Vista, including its Loyalty module, and later working hand in hand with Vista Group company Movio.

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Vouchers & Gift Cards

Direct your voucher and gift card management with simplicity.

Vouchers and gift cards are powerful tools to promote your brand, introduce new customers, and drive commitment and repeat business. Vista’s Vouchers and Gift Cards (VGC) will help you manage what can otherwise be a time-consuming and costly part of your operation.

VGC includes everything needed to manage, issue, redeem and account for vouchers and gift card in one simple product. Different voucher types such as ticket, monetary value, concession, multiple use, and booklets are supported. Gift Cards can be loaded with fixed or variable values and topped up or unloaded as required.

One product to simplify the management of your vouchers and gift cards will help you grow your revenue.

Vouchers and gift cards can be printed on-demand or delivered electronically with secure barcodes. Validation can be customized to suit a cinema’s needs, enabling you to configure specific rules such as time availability or manager overrides.

VGC includes a dedicated corporate web portal and SMS service to aid the fulfillment of large electronic orders. By creating accounts, each corporate customer can access the Corporate Vouchers portal. Once logged in via the website, customers can distribute vouchers electronically by sending a barcode via SMS or email instantly and directly to patrons. Your customers can also print vouchers from PDFs, or export CSV files for third-party printing. 


Reports can be run for accounting and reconciliation, and for managing stock ordering and inventory. Validation and automated blacklist-checking occurs in real time, reducing the potential for fraud across the entire circuit.

The product is fully integrated with POS (Point of Sale), Kiosk and Loyalty, giving even more benefits to your customers. When used with Vista Web, VGC allows vouchers to be redeemed on the cinema website. The Vista Web Gift Shop also supports the sale of electronic vouchers and gift cards, which can be gifted to the recipient by email. Everything operates in real time, but off-line processing is also supported.

Loyalty-Integrated Gift Cards

Learn to combine the data-capturing power of a Loyalty card with the revenue benefits of a gift card, and give your customers extra payment flexibility.

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Trailer Scheduler

Drive your trailers without wheels!

Trailer Scheduler helps consolidate your circuit’s trailer scheduling process into just one reliable source that distributors and cinema managers can trust absolutely. Pre-defined schedule rules automate your process, eliminating possible mistakes and any breach of distributor agreements. 

Using Trailer Scheduler’s web-based interface it’s easier to access your work and more flexibly manage it, regardless of your operating system. Trailer Scheduler also does away with the need for extra infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with Vista Cinema and Film Programming to enable you to access your film bookings and download trailer schedules.

By viewing your requested trailers, film bookings, and schedules, you can now see at a glance whether you’re meeting your distributors’ requirements and whether schedules require tweaking.

Trailer Scheduler enables you to cater easily to the scheduling requests of your respective distributor partners by defining reserved trailer positions within your schedules for upcoming films.

It’s easy to generate trailer schedules automatically, ensuring distributor requirements are met at every cinema, regardless of their size, location or performance.

Trailer Scheduler saves your staff time and effort by working with trailer schedules in bulk, creating schedules for your entire circuit in one sitting; send special instructions along with finalized trailer schedules to all of your sites, communicating directly with cinema managers.

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Film Programming

Take command of your film scheduling.

Managing film scheduling across your sites is a complex process. Film Programming works in conjunction with Head Office, allowing your programming team to streamline the planning and scheduling process using a single system. It provides a seamless flow from long term plans through to medium term assignments, right down to the detail of weekly schedules.

Whether you use a distributed or centralized process, Film Programming enables you to efficiently plan, book and schedule sessions and trailers, create contracts, and define film hire terms. It’s highly flexible and supports the varied processes that programming teams may use, and includes a number of tools to help manage planning and scheduling operations.

Film Programming allows planning, booking and creation of film schedules to be completed in one central, coherent program. You will no longer need to double-handle your data.

Accurate plans can be sent between your teams and cinema managers, with schedules finalized and approved either at your cinema or head office entirely within the application. Distributors can receive reports showing planned film and cinema schedules, and your marketing department can see everything the film programmers are creating. User access can be controlled so only authorised staff can accept and modify Film Programming data.

Schedule details can be manipulated at your site using Vista Cinema's Showtime Manager graphical interface. Up-to-date Box Office information is available to support accurate drop, hold or placement decisions, for approval by your film programming team.

Film Programming integrates all your scheduling data, including distributor release charts, film lists, and box office history. Film formats, specific screens, and session policies can all be accessed. Film hire terms and even specific session times are available, and just to make things easier, ticket pricing can be automatically assigned based on timing and day of the week.

Marathon Screenings

Boost your special events programming by screening multiple related films back-to-back on a single ticket, like a superhero franchise or celebrating a director.

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Group Sales

It's a party for everyone with Group Sales.

Group Sales is a browser-based application that lets you book and sell theater space to large groups, enabling you to manage your group booking processes efficiently. Your corporate sales team will be connected to every operational aspect of the event, delivering a smooth, co-ordinated outcome (for everyone involved) with increased profitability and improved utilization of cinema space.

Greater visibility and a distinct sales process will have your staff connected with the group, the event and with each other.

Group Sales follows a process from booking, to quoting, confirmation and completion, through to follow-up procedures that reduce the risk of losing the business and payments. All moviegoer activity is recorded and with tight integration to your CRM system all sales opportunities are identified.

Via improved visibility of booking information and verification of available space, Group Sales integrates with Vista’s Film Programming to eliminate scheduling conflicts.

Integration with other Vista products such as POS (Point of Sale) enables the tracking of any hired facility and purchased items when a booking is made. POS Operators have visibility of group bookings, including any pre-payments already made. Additional concession items and ticket types added to the Group Sales tab are tracked and added to the final invoice. Invoices can be aligned with financial data, speeding up your business’s financial reconciliation.

Maximize utilization of your theater space and facilities as well as your customer's ability to hire function rooms, equipment and staff. Group Sales also enables third party venues to be recorded as part of a booking, the creation of a single event covering multiple sites over multiple days and, bookings for charities to be tax exempt. 

Using Group Sales simplifies the setup and pricing of your facilities and equipment, it will generate quotes, invoices and reports, increasing profits, efficiencies and smiles.

Group Sales will help you manage:

  • Private Bookings – allowing your customers to make an exclusive booking of a screen or function room at your site.
  • Public Bookings – enabling your customers to make a group booking as part of a public session, with options for function room hire and food and beverage packages.
  • Distributor Previews – providing distributors with the ability to book a screen for an exclusive preview showing, without ticket sales or film hire fees.
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