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Vista Cinema

Box Office

Creating order and simplicity in the busy cinema business.

Box Office is one of the core modules that make up Vista Cinema. It is the foundation product for every cinema running Vista.

Behind the scenes, Box Office does the hard work so that your cinema can run smoothly. It’s easy to use, allowing your teams to be up and running in no time.

Box Office is designed to provide order and simplicity out of the various scenarios that cinema exhibition presents. You will love it and so will your customers.

You will be able to efficiently handle scheduling, pricing, seating, theater configuration, and promotions and discounts. Box Office lets you separately define pricing and ticket availability and then combine them to create a pricing hierarchy. A particular combination can be applied to a session either manually, or by using Box Office’s automated formats.

Cinema management will benefit from using Box Office:

  • Manage session schedules with an easy to use, drag and drop, graphical interface.
  • Control the features and levels of authority available to individual employees.
  • Configure POS (Point of Sale) workstations.

Cinema operations will benefit from using Box Office:

  • Sell concessions and tickets from the same POS workstation
  • Quickly and accurately scan vouchers
  • Automatically send alerts or requests to a manager’s mobile device
  • See sales incentives, KPIs, and track sales staff progress in real time
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with online validation of vouchers and passes.

If your business uses Vista’s Head Office, you will have the ability to manage and configure your Box Office from a central location and deploy your business processes across your cinema circuit.

Head Office offers easy access to distributor, cashier, and performance reports along with real-time queries to show sales by film, ticket types, and sales channel.

Your images and media may be stored in Box Office, or using Head Office you will be able to centrally manage media for all sales channels.

Box Office integrates with most products in the Vista range, including Kiosk, InTouch, UsherPoint, Head Office, Vista Analytics, Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Group Sales, Vista Web, Vista Mobile, and Telephone Ticketing.

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Concession Sales

The silent salesperson that continually pays for itself.

Concession Sales is one of the core modules making up Vista Cinema, the foundation of every Vista package.

With film margins eroding, Concession Sales drives extra revenue from high-margin items such as food, drink, combos, and merchandise alongside promotions and deals. Integration with Vista Loyalty also allows for member benefits and rewards.

Lift the sales performance of your front-line staff and manage complex concession inventory effortlessly.

Concession Sales determines the best upsell or deal, and prompts sales staff to offer it to customers. These offers are visually reinforced on a customer-facing screen, making them hard to resist. Real-time intelligence about the value of your discounts, deals, and margin by product allows you to develop the most profitable offers and promotions.

If your business uses Vista’s Head Office, you can configure your concessions, promotions, and discounts from a central location and deploy them across your cinema circuit.

Sales incentive schemes allow staff to track their performance using visual KPIs, motivating them to go that extra mile.

Concession Sales

Complex stock management and margin control is taken care of, no matter how diverse your organisation’s inventory. Stock movements, including incoming product, transfers between cinemas, and sales wastage are automatically captured so you can get stock management and profitability down to a fine art. It is easy to calculate stock use and ordering requirements, see the value of stock on hand, and perform a full stock take.

Concession Sales integrates with most products in the Vista range, including Kiosk, InTouch, UsherPoint, Head Office, Vista Analytics, Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Group Sales, Vista Web, Vista Mobile, and Telephone Ticketing.

Emagine Entertainment USA

Vista Cinema lets Emagine customize their POS profile displays with their own concessions categories. Quick, easy navigation and display options simplify the cashier’s role.


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Food & Beverage

A smorgasbord of exceptional food service.

Vista Food & Beverage (F&B) is a smart, dedicated food service module, for any cinema that offers customers a bar service, restaurant or in-seat dining. F&B functionality elevates your customers’ cinema experience way beyond the ordinary; they’ll love the service and happily spend more with you.

Food & Beverage at a glance

  • It’s impressively comprehensive. F&B functionality covers all aspects of in-theatre dining, restaurant and bar service, kitchen operations, POS and online ordering.
  • Offers total dining flexibility. Customers can order their food delivered wherever they are, at any time they choose, and settle their bill before leaving at the end. They can even split or merge the check.
  • Streamlines kitchen ops. F&B delivers concise routing and timing information to the kitchen, allows staff to set sales limits for limited stock items, and much more.
  • Works with remote sales channels. F&B allows customers to make and modify even complex orders, time food and drinks for their arrival, or order from in their seat.
  • Seamlessly integrates. F&B integrates with Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, In Touch, Vista Mobile, Kiosk, Web, and Vista Cinema, surrounding your customers with ease, convenience and excellent service.

All the ingredients

F&B supports managers, POS and kitchen staff with an array of service-orientated features that will enhance any customer experience.

Because F&B integrates with Vista Cinema any F&B purchase can be part of a box office sale, so when customers collect tickets, a tab links their name, their seats, and the film they are viewing. One click starts the tab and identifies the customers’ current location, so service is seamless.

In-theatre dining

A movie with restaurant service – perfect. Customers can order food at any time, for delivery wherever they are in the cinema – for example in-seat or at the bar, and settle their bill as they leave, splitting the check if they want to. If the customer relocates within the complex to watch the movie, staff can simply relocate their check on F&B’s ‘check details’ screen. F&B intelligently delays courses too, so each one is served fresh.

Customers can order from their seat, via Vista Mobile, no need to disturb others by speaking to a server. Staff can see it all on InTouch and respond to any requests, and customers can track their order as it moves from the kitchen.  Because F&B integrates with showtimes (via Vista Cinema), you can time delivery for a particular moment, such as the middle of a session.  

Remote ordering – no pick-up lines.

Customers can order their refreshments at POS, or in advance via Kiosk, Web or Mobile, and get a txt when their order is ready for pick up at the counter if that’s what they prefer. They can stagger or change their order too, drinks now, pizza later. No queues, just super service.

In the kitchen

Easy-to-use touch screens show all the information for an order, so the kitchen knows what to prepare, for when, and where staff need to deliver it.

F&B Kitchen Screen

Only two slices of cake left? Chef can flag a sales limit to prevent overselling and avoid disappointing customers. Salad not fries? Order changes and cancellations are on screen immediately, which avoids food, and effort, wastage.

The right stuff to run the restaurant

F&B allows you to manage tables and bookings, assign staff, and even manage tips. Because F&B integrates with Vista Connect, you can take orders/bookings through your website, and staff can view and action them at POS.

There’s also a waitlist function so customers know exactly when they’ll be seated when it’s busy. You have a tip sharing policy? No problem with F&B, it’ll calculate and distribute these for you.

I’ll be back

As you’d expect, F&B is fully integrated with Vista’s customer rewards suite, so your customers can use their loyalty card, vouchers or gift cards anywhere within your complex, for payment and to earn further rewards, making their cinema experience a happy one they’ll be keen to repeat.

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Food & Beverage – 5-star food service for your customers.

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Digital Signage

Let Vista run the show with Digital Signage.

Let your digital messaging take care of itself. With Vista’s time-saving Digital Signage you reduce your cinema managers workload and give customers more information. Simply customize your content in advance and then let it run on any digital screen.

Digital Signage at a glance

  • Does the hard work - set up is easy, with almost no manual configuration. Register your details on the intuitive admin website and create playlists using our drag-and-drop web interface.
  • Less time maintaining your media. Vista Digital Signage accesses the film media content in Vista Head Office, displaying it on your customer-facing screens. You don’t need to do anything more.
  • You choose your module. Central control or stand-alone, depending whether there are multiple cinemas in your circuit, or a single site.
  • Customize. Our multiple pre-defined templates are easily ‘customizable’ to match your brand. Dynamic updates mean no more changing your signage to match your film schedule.
  • Major impact! Display your signage in clusters for the wow! factor and link them together, so each sign has different content, but transitions are simultaneous.

Drag-and-drop, done.

Vista Digital Signage offers a selection of pre-defined templates which you can use to customize your playlists on the admin website - it’s easy with our drag-and-drop functionality.

Set up trailers, live session times, pricing, film advertising, and more, then assign your playlist to as many displays across your circuit as you like, and let Vista run your show.

The ‘channel series’ function allows you to spread your template content over multiple channels.

Time-saver templates, dynamically updated

The content in each template is updated using data you’ve already set up in Vista, no need to change your signage to match your film schedule.

Using Head Office? Then all your film media will display dynamically on Kiosk, Web, POS and Mobile too. Clever.

If you have a movieXchange account, keeping your signage up-to-date is even easier. You get synopses, running times and a full media package, including posters, trailers, motion posters and film backdrops, delivered directly from the distributor and easily deployed via Digital Signage to all your digital screens.

Available templates include:

  • Advertising profile – perfect for concessions, loyalty or film club promos.
  • Door sign – current and next session times and more.
  • Poster Box – ‘now showing’ and ‘coming soon’ posters.
  • Session Status – Now Showing, Now Seating signage, great for foyers and entranceways.
  • Session Times - display up to five films at once for that day.

Digital signage can access Vista Cinema data, so you can display cinema schedules, availability, dates and price changes to customers.

Digital Signage Session Times

Central control

You can maintain signage across your whole circuit from one central location on the admin website. The central control module will source your cinema list from Vista Head Office and roll out bulk changes in one operation, so you can be sure every cinema is up to date.

If you have a single site your cinema manager can use the stand-alone module to maintain on-site signage.

Let there be light

Vista’s Digital Signage automatically loads your LED Text Lights with showtimes on foyer panels, marquee boards, and multi-line displays above auditorium entrances - you can also display custom messages.


Arrange your signage in clusters and link them together in the admin website. Each sign will display different content but will transition in unison, creating visual impact and also allowing your customers to see more information at a glance.

The tech stuff

Digital Signage integrates with Vista Cinema, and the central control module requires Vista Head Office.

With the Windows app, use a single PC to control multiple displays; the Android app runs directly on a smart TV.

You can access the admin website from a tablet too, so you’re not stuck at a desk to make any changes.

Just note, if you run Digital Signage on a desktop PC, the number of output channels depends on the graphics card capacity.

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Watch your cinema funds from the best view in the house.

Your cinema managers will love CashDesk.  It’s a visual, fully automated digital app that allows them to view, track and manage all cinema funds on screen, 24/7; whether that’s cash, vouchers, or electronic transactions.

CashDesk at a glance

  • It’s brilliantly easy. With one glance at CashDesk’s intuitive display, your managers can see the status and amounts of all cinema funds wherever they are, on a single screen.
  • So simple to manage. Your managers can set-up and track an unlimited number of fund locations, monitor individual safes, all point of sale (POS) and electronic funds. 
  • 100% versatile. CashDesk has full cash handling capability, your managers can issue POS floats pre-shift, or even at log on. 
  • It’s secure. Because CashDesk monitors each POS almost real time, managers can see each cash drawer and the user, with one look, as often as they wish. 
  • It’s a real time saver. Forget the paperwork, CashDesk creates a full automated daily audit trail and sends a report to head office, electronically. 
  • It’s modular. CashDesk is integrated into Vista’s new Cinema Manager application, no need to switch between applications.

Labour-intensive manual financial tracking? Who needs that? CashDesk frees up your cinema managers to spend more time out on the cinema floor with customers.

CashDesk gives you what you need to view, manage and analyse your revenue streams, supporting better more informed business decisions.

It’s so easy to track and manage your funds

CashDesk defines easy cashflow management.  A user-friendly display instantly shows the status and whereabouts of your funds and you can quickly check the cinema balance for the day.   

You can track funds in all safes, at the logged-on operators’ point of sale, and funds in transit if the operator isn’t logged on, or logged off, but not cashed up. 


Managers can set up an unlimited number of fund locations, (such as the manager’s safe, drop safe or electronic transactions) and track the funds within that location.

Your managers can monitor funds at remote points of sale, such as kiosks, ATM’s or from games machines, and because you can have multiple business days open simultaneously, CashDesk is working for you 24/7.

CashDesk really steps up when it’s busy. Your managers can take multiple counts throughout the day, with almost real-time analysis of each POS and user, and physically move funds from POS to a designated safe for greater security. They can also create or replenish a float when a new operator logs on.

Then, come the end of the day, managers can close off, create and track a single bank deposit of all funds, and post the results to head office.  Oh, and if they make a mistake along the way, no problem, the cash-up process is reversible, so they can fix it.  

CashDesk is web-based

Now a key part of Vista’s web-based Cinema Manager application, CashDesk works perfectly in sync with stocktake, showtime management and dashboarding tools, offering your managers a seamless and intuitive user-friendly experience.

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CashDesk - there’s no better way to watch and manage your cinema funds.

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Empower, engage, impress.  Streamline cinema ops with Vista InTouch.

Your cinemas are busy fluid places.  Enabling staff to have operational functionality that ‘runs like clockwork’, as well as being 100% mobile, makes for smooth and easy cinema operations. With Vista InTouch, ushers and managers can spend more time with customers and run the cinema at maximum efficiency.

InTouch Session Details

Vista InTouch at a glance

  • It’s fully mobile. InTouch has been designed specifically for mobile phones and tablets and runs on both IOS and Android. So staff can use their own mobile device, or one you provide.
  • Easy-flow management. InTouch’s improved camera scanning function allows ushers to scan tickets at point of entry without needing to confirm each one; so customers can go straight into the auditorium (avoid POS) and staff can keep track of admissions.
  • Improves operations. The team can use InTouch to monitor session start and finish times, check cleaning schedules and add comments on location checks - everyone knows what’s going on.
  • Better customer service. Ushers can hail-a-manager with In Touch without leaving the customer, or colleagues, stranded at POS.
  • Evolve your Food & Beverage. Integrate your F&B operational workflow seamlessly into your customer’s cinema experience. InTouch enables your ushers, runners, and kitchen staff to stay connected and ensure they deliver high-quality service to your guests every time.

Let it flow

InTouch gives your ushers new tools for great service. They can keep track of admissions through the improved InTouch Fast Scan feature, without needing to confirm each ticket, smoothing out customer flow and making for a better cinema experience for patrons. 

The InTouch 360° scroll function makes movie schedules easier to navigate, so staff can find the session they want quickly, without getting bogged down by large schedules over multiple days.

They can also swap or break seating straight from the app, resolving any customer seating issues for any session, on the spot.

Management on the go

Using InTouch, Managers can authorize requests remotely – zero effect on staff workflow - and customers won’t be left standing while a staff member goes in-search of one. The ‘hail-a-manager’ functionality allows your staff to request help directly from the InTouch app without having to leave their position.

Location, check.

InTouch allows ushers to make location checks and record their check for all staff and managers to see; great for quality control of the cinema environment.  Add as many checks as you wish, even set up locations for a daily inspection at the start of the day - that way any issues over health and safety are dealt with quickly, and you know the auditoriums are in top shape.

InTouch works for in-seat

Your ushers can use InTouch to take your customers’ cinema experience to the next level, while they are watching their movie.  Use InTouch to scan bookings and fire food orders to the kitchen so your customers receive their in-seat orders fresh and on time.  InTouch also has a food service seat map to help your servers track the status of each order from preparation to delivery to any customer seat.

The tech stuff

The Food Service item summary gives your kitchen staff a heads up on the number of food items required for a specific session, so they can streamline their workflow, making for faster order fulfilment and happier staff.

Enjoy peace of mind with permissions by restricting certain actions such as breaking seats, based on user levels. Permissions won’t affect your staff’s workflow though, with request notifications sent to managers for these actions, which they can remotely authorize.

Requirements for InTouch

InTouch runs on both Android (4.1 and above) and IOS (8.0 and above) mobile devices, and integrates with Vista Cinema, the Service Framework and Vista Sales Server.

Vista InTouch – run your cinema like a swiss watch and keep customers coming back time and again.

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Vista InTouch. Run your cinema like a swiss watch and keep customers coming back.

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Helping your ushers to be smooth operators.

Vista UsherPoint is a cinema operations system that helps your ushers perform brilliantly and gives them all the information they need to run cinema sessions with easy professionalism. UsherPoint runs on all your Windows-based devices (PC’s), including older POShardware.

Vista UsherPoint at a glance

  • It’s robust. UsherPoint will run on any PC and Windows-based device and it integrates fully with Vista’s InTouch on mobile hardware. Having these systems talking to each other streamlines cinema operations for your ushers and cinema manager.
  • Saves on costs. UsherPoint integrates with automated turnstiles, so you can fully automate customer exit and entry and cut down on labour costs, or free up staff to interact with customers.
  • Eases POS pressure. UsherPoint’s barcode validation system means customers who have purchased tickets from Vista Mobile or Vista Web can have their tickets scanned by an usher, easing queues at POS.
  • Better customer service. Ushers can greet customers by name, remind them if they’ve forgotten their ordered concession items and help them with session times.
  • Easier flow monitoring. Ushers can scan and keep track of customer flows in and out of the cinema, and determine if a ticket has already been used – useful at busy times.
  • Streamlines operations. The team can use UsherPoint to monitor session start and finish times, check cleaning schedules and add comments on location checks.

PC technology that speaks a second language

UsherPoint runs on PC and Windows CE devices yet it’s very versatile. Because it integrates with other Vista systems including mobile-based Vista InTouch, ushers that work on fixed hardware at your usher stations can see any updates from a colleague who is using InTouch, and managers can see any information posted using UsherPoint on their InTouch mobile device. That’s clever.

For example, UsherPoint allows ushers to make notes on location checks; indicate if a customer needs help in an emergency; or highlight any aspect of the theatre that needs attention. These can be logged on either InTouch or in UsherPoint and other ushers can see and act on them, making for smooth operations.

Go fully automated

If you wish, you can integrate UsherPoint with turnstile hardware to completely automate your entry and exit points or, station ushers at the turnstiles to control the flow of customers into the cinema, and provide customer assistance.

VIP attention

UsherPoint works with your sales channels too. Customers who purchase tickets through Vista Web or Vista Mobile have a great experience at your cinema. They avoid POS queues and walk straight to your usher station, where your usher scans their ticket barcode and greets them by name. If a loyalty member has pre-purchased tickets, they need only show their loyalty card.

Busy session? No problem with UsherPoint

UsherPoint goes to work when the cinema is at its busiest, giving ushers real time information on session start and finish times, the number of customers yet to arrive, and ticket eligibility, so that they can see if a ticket has already been used.

UsherPoint helps with the housework too

UsherPoint is ideal for co-ordinating cleaning schedules and session admission. Ushers can see when a session ends, and the cinema needs cleaning. When it’s done the usher makes a note, so anyone using UsherPoint or InTouch can see the cinema is ready to admit the next customers. The status of the location checks can also be reported in Vista’s web-based Cinema Manager; altogether you’re going to be improving your customer’s experience, increasing your efficiency and empowering your ushers.

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Vista UsherPoint. Putting operational excellence in your ushers’ hands.

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Right on schedule. It’s MovieTeam.

Movie theatres have unique staffing requirements. MovieTeam is an innovative, cloud-based, mobile-ready staff-scheduling solution specifically designed for HQ, management and cinema staff.

Vista MovieTeam at a glance

  • You set the rules. HQ sets the rules for compliance, ensuring employment regulations (maximum shifts, overtime etc.) are met throughout your circuit.
  • Less time scheduling – way less. MovieTeam reduces the time managers spend scheduling by up to 75%. MovieTeam collates staff availability, skill level, seniority and more, so managers get the right “fit” for any shift.
  • Everyone is in the loop. Everyone can see MovieTeam on their mobiles; staff simply log in for their schedules or to communicate with other staff or managers.
  • Swap shifts? Easy. MovieTeam Marketplace function allows staff to swap, release or pick up shifts to suit their availability and lifestyle.
  • It talks to payroll. With employee sync functionality staff data changes in MovieTeam are updated automatically across ⦁ Vista Cinema, payroll and scheduling so it’s accurate and reliable. No more manual comparison across multiple systems.

HQ sets the parameters

MovieTeam gives head office brilliant scheduling visibility across the whole circuit. Set the rules for maximum shifts, overtime, hours worked, and MovieTeam will monitor compliance and flag any roster that doesn’t comply so local managers can re-work it. There’s no need to worry about breach or human error.

Free up Managers’ time

Once a manager creates a customised template with the weekly shifts to fill, MovieTeam does the rest, eliminating the need for manual planning. It’ll automatically assess availability, skill, seniority and other factors, to give managers the best “fit” for the week.

Staff co-ordinate their shifts

The MovieTeam marketplace allows for busy lifestyles, where staff may want to swap, release or pick up shifts from one another. They can do all this in MovieTeam and managers can approve the roster changes with a click.

MovieTeam gets everyone in on the loop via their smartphone. Staff just log in to see their shifts, or edit their availability, and managers can send emails and SMS messages to the whole team.

movieteam new

Seriously simplify scheduling

MovieTeam is fast, inclusive and transparent. One SaaS platform, connecting everyone, with HQ setting the controls. Say goodbye to error ridden manual printouts pinned on the wall, and incompatible systems causing scheduling confusion. In addition, MovieTeam updates automatically every two weeks, so you know you’ve got the optimum version running with the very latest enhancements.

Reimagining Staff Scheduling

Developed in partnership with Harkins Theaters. Harkins knew this project would deliver robust, high-quality software while helping to foster a partnership that would benefit both parties.


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Vista MovieTeam. Right on schedule.