Business of Cinema

1 MOVIO: Leading with Innovation      

Innovation at Movio: This session takes a look at key elements that distinguish Movio in the Cinema sector including  Audience Insights, Dynamic Content, Marketing Automation and also looks at some that are coming up such as Customer Journeys, Movio Data Warehouse and Digital Marketing.

2 MOVIO: Advanced Personalisation   

Demonstrating Movio's latest release including Dynamic Content in Email and the soon to be released feature - Campaign Automation. In this session we will also be sharing some of our vision for future releases.

3 VISTA CHINA: A Session for our Chinese Guests       

A look at Vista Cloud deployments and how it relates with SARFT's new requirements. A look at Vista Horizon from Chinese perspective. A review of applications specifically written for the Chinse market including the WeChat mini-app, Little-V Mobile App, and the TSP #rd Party ticketing middle layer.

4 MOVIO: [Panel] In Action; Stories from the Front Line        

Case studies of best practice uses of Movio, and how Movio believes their clients can get the most out of Movio.

5 MOVIEXCHANGE: MX Film — stop wasting time entering film data into Vista – automate it!        

MX Films receives film meta data and artwork from distributors and then automatically populates it across your website, mobile app, kiosk, POS, and signage. Looking to free your marketers and programmers from hours of data management and distributor change requests? Want a one-stop solution to host all your circuit’s movie content? Then this session is for you. We’re ready to launch in your country today. 

6 MOVIEXCHANGE: MX Tickets & MX Showtimes — share your showtimes or tickets with 3rd parties – not your data     

With the MX Tickets & MX Showtimes APIs you can share your showtimes with desired 3rd parties, and even enable secure online ticketing across 3rd party platforms.  Best of all, it’s free for Vista customers, reduces your server loads, and removes the requirement of giving third parties access to your network.  Come talk to us about the far reaching benefits of MX Tickets and Showtimes!

7 Veezi Update: Product review and future plans       

Since last conference Veezi has been steadily growing its customer base around the world. This session will look at some of the recent enhancements to Veezi, what we are presently working on a brief look at upcoming plans for Veezi.

8 MOVIO: [Panel] Future Trends in Data, Digital & Moviegoers          

Focusing on debunking buzz words and translating the future as it relates to connecting moviegoers to their ideal movie.

9 VISTA CINEMA: Self-service Food & Beverage - Have your cake & order it too       

Find out how Vista is pushing the boundaries with self-service ordering to cut down lines and wow your guests. Learn how to streamline food preparation and supercharge customer service across Mobile, Web, Kiosk, Point of Sale, Kitchen and InTouch.

10 VISTA CINEMA & MOVIO: Subscription – How to manage a subscription program using Vista and Movio

Subscription plans are a way of engaging your customers and guaranteeing recurring revenue for your business. We will review the ticket subscription landscape and what is required to implement these schemes in Vista & Movio, including Vista Cinema, Loyalty and Billing management options. We will look at what can be done presently and what gaps there and gather feedback on whether Vista & Movio should plan to fill these gaps.

Engage Your Customers

1 STARDUST: the social app for movie fans

Vista has built a global community of movie fans with its Stardust social media app on iPhone and Android.  Its ultimate goal is to get more people watching movies in theatres.  Find out about how Stardust can support exhibitors and drive attendance to your cinema.

2 VISTA CINEMA: Vista's Omni-Channel Strategy

Vista’s Web, Kiosk and Mobile solutions have evolved over many years of constant development and customer input. They are highly functional and widely deployed. Come and join us to explore the technology we are using to power our Omni-Channel future and see how we are bringing the channels together to offer consistent functionality in a consistent experience, all configured in a consistent way.

3 VISTA CINEMA: Customer Experience Management

In an age where cinemas constantly refine and differentiate the experiences they offer, Vista is building functionality to extend tailored experience to the customer facing digital channels. Come to this session to hear about our plans for defining, executing and measuring the impact of dynamic and personalised customer journeys.

4  VISTA CINEMA: Vista Web and the Vista Web Content Management System

Come and join us to learn how the next version of Vista Web will take your website and public facing brand to whole new levels. Don’t have the budget to engage a 3rd party development company to build your website? Finding it hard to keep your custom  website up-to-date with the latest feature releases from Vista? The new Vista Web will allow you to easily upgrade and maintain your own custom look and feel without getting into the code. We’ll show you how easy it is to completely change the way your website looks with a few simple clicks.

5 VISTA CINEMA: (Vista) Mobile - Stay with Your Guests Long After the Credits Roll

See how Vista is using personalised mobile apps to encourage ongoing engagement with your brand beyond the purchase window and after guests leave the cinema. Become a hub for rich movie content like trailer playlists, social media buzz, and gamification to drive app usage and increase sales.

6 VISTA CINEMA: Vista Kiosk - In-Cinema Self-Service

With the rise of self-service in retail, there’s a greater demand for cinemas to provide similar capabilities in their foyer. In-cinema self-service can reduce wait times and labour costs, and can unlock new experiences for guests. In this session, we’ll look at how the latest enhancements to Kiosk help drive a “self-service first” in-cinema experience, with the support of UsherPoint and Self-Scan.

7 Vista Cinema & MOVIO: Vista Loyalty

8 VISTA CINEMA: Paperless Tickets

Follow the customer journey into a paperless experience. Featuring Kiosk and POS we explore the evolution of a living ticket and also look at the new customer communication and advertising opportunities that arise.

9 VISTA CINEMA: Corporate Vouchers and Passes

Target your corporate clients with Corporate Vouchers to improve, manage and track customer relations. Achieve this by utilising Group Sales to create, issue and invoice voucher orders, Self Service Portal to make payments and Corporate Vouchers Portal for ease of distribution.

10 VISTA CINEMA: Digital Signage

Vista's Digital Signage offering has evolved enormously since last customer conference. Powered by a new centralised web based control, many new display capabilities have been added such as multi-screen and takeovers. The functionality leverages it's tight integration with the Vista Cinema system and it's intelligence lets you sit back and watch as it dynamically adjusts content based on changes you make in Vista Cinema to run your daily operations to create a set and forget operation.

Cinema Operations

1 CINEMA INTELLIGENCE: Big Data Analytics to optimise your operations & increase profitability

Discover Cinema Intelligence, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution for forecasting and automated scheduling. Empower your cinema operations with smarter data-driven business decisions. Enhance your attendance forecasting, optimize your staff planning and increase your profitability. Get visibility into past and future performance with dynamic dashboards and market share analysis.

2 VISTA CINEMA: MovieTeam goes global – cinema staff scheduling for the masses

MovieTeam is Vista’s cinema specific staff scheduling product. Come take a look at the massive number of features we’ve released over the last two years with a specific focus on those that have helped take the product into new international territories.

3 VISTA CINEMA: Overview of Cinema Manager

Released in Vista Cinema 5.0.1, Cinema Manager is a significant evolution of Vista’s cinema management tools. It has a browser-based interface which enables cloud deployment, and will make your managers more efficient and effective.  In this session, we’ll introduce Cinema Manager with an overview of its capabilities and benefits.

4 VISTA CINEMA: Time & Attendance Re-imagined

Time & Attendance software is one of the most used pieces of software by your staff and critical for ensuring accurate payroll and performance management. This session showcases Vista's new web based offering in this area and how it will be integrated with MovieTeam, Cinema Manager, and Veezi.

5 VISTA CINEMA: Point of Sale Update

Join us for the ‘super’ new developments in Point of Sale. Highlights include training innovations, fingerprint access and other tips to save a customer in need.

6 VISTA CINEMA: Streamline your group sales like never before

Vista's Group Sales allows you to take control of your circuit’s group and corporate business, and helps you throughout the entire process – from engaging with clients, to film programmer, to getting the cinema delivery correct and ensuring the financials are correct – delivering a smooth and coordinated outcome for both you and your customer. The recently delivered self-service public portal offers a new way for you to capture booking requests, allowing you to step away from your phone and your inbox: a self-service website that allows your customers to raise booking requests, and tailor them to suit their wishes, directly from your website. Come along and see what else is new with Group Sales.

7 VISTA CINEMA: Food & Beverage Deep Dive

"Bursting with flavour-packed features, come and see what we've been cooking in the Vista kitchen. At the end we’ll change courses and share some of our favourite recipes (configurations) to make your operation 5 star.

Don't forget to save some space for dessert, in the Business of Cinema #9 session where we’ll tuck in to self-service and New Tech #6 where we will look at our new food service product for wait staff."

8 VISTA CINEMA: A look at Vista's new web based Film Programming and its integration with Cinema Intelligence

Vista’s new browser-based Film Programming application Film Manager rethinks circuit-wide film programming, giving programmers greater flexibility over their bookings and schedules. Through a seamless integration with Cinema Intelligence, Film Manager offers even more complimentary features and benefits.

9 VISTA CINEMA: Innovation in Cinema Manager

Cinema Manager was created using a user-first design approach, which allowed us to identify and focus our design effort on key areas to make a real difference to manager efficiency. In this session, we take a closer look at some of these innovative features, including how we can halve the time it takes to complete your stocktake, and complete the cashup process mush faster with less training time. We will also outline some of the future plans for Cinema Manager. 

10 VISTA CINEMA: Cinema Intelligence + MovieTeam - Performance based staff scheduling        

Scheduling staff based on the forecasted admissions and thus how busy your cinema will be, has long been the nirvana for staff scheduling. This session looks at how MovieTeam and Cinema Intelligence come together to address this goal.

Focus Topics & New Tech

1 VISTA CINEMA: Cloud Deployment and Managed Services

Moving to the Cloud with Vista has never been easier, with v5 featuring Cloud-Native functionality and technology to make the journey quick and easy.  Learn about the Cloud-focused changes we’ve made in v5, the different deployment options available to you and also hear about the next stage of Vista’s Cloud Strategy, Managed Services.

2 VISTA CINEMA: Cloud Deployment and Managed Services Q & A Panel.

Our previous session introduced the core concepts of Vista’s new cloud offerings. This is your chance to spend time with the Vista experts and your peers to further delve into the details to see how these offerings could benefit your cinemas. Come along with all your questions on this key topic.

3 POWSTER: Instant Tickets – Making movie studio marketing dollars work for you

Powster builds over 170 movie ticketing websites per month for studios globally, and their new product Instant Tickets makes movie studio dollars drive you new customers. Come learn how your theater can get the maximum benefit from distributor marketing and capitalize on movie audiences to create incremental sales.

4 VISTA CINEMA: (Vista) Horizon – A New Dawn of Vista Enterprise Data Storage, Analysis and Reporting

One of the most significant Vista modules delivered in the last few years, the new Horizon Data Warehouse utilises the latest in Cloud and Messaging technologies to deliver real time Enterprise reporting across the entire Vista product suite. Attend this session to understand the offering and the value it delivers as well as what is coming next with this rapidly evolving product.

5 MOVIO: Introducing the Moviegoer Data Strategy of the Future

Introduce the Movio Data Warehouse, demo BI and the future potential - data out, data enrichment, non-members.

6 VISTA CINEMA: NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH 'Serve' - The Future of Dine-in, Now

We are thrilled to share with you a new Vista product. A brand new staff-facing mobile sales app, built from the ground up for in-theatre-dining wait staff. Reduce hardware costs, delight guests and turn your waitstaff in to sales superstars!

7 POWSTER: Powster Labs Intro – Innovation Dive to Benefit Exhibitors

Powster's Labs team in Los Angeles and London have created award winning marketing moments for movies for the past 10 years. Come learn the latest innovations which can benefit your theater. See what movie studios are doing on Messenger, inside Augmented Reality and see which tools your theater could be using to be seen as cutting edge and win customers.

8 VISTA CINEMA: Dev & Release Process

Follow the passage of Vista Software from an idea, through design, development, quality assurance, to release. We will discuss the practices and processes employed at Vista. We will also cover initiatives designed to increase the quality and performance of our software. We will have a discussion at the end of the presentation so bring any ideas and questions you have.

9 MOVIO: Behind the Scenes of Product Development

Take a look behind the scenes of product development at Movio to discover how ideas turn into innovative products.

10 VISTA CINEMA: Design Driven Development - Transforming the future of your cinema through UX Design

Vista’s extensive software suite reaches internal users and moviegoers in your cinema business. Some of Vista’s customers have worked closely with the design team to create and transform Vista’s products to deliver value to their businesses. Discover four short design stories around how customers worked with Vista to create software that dramatically added value to their organisations and moviegoers.