• CJ Top Women In Cinema 2018 Culture

    A Double Achievement Worth Celebrating

    To have not one, but two of our senior executives named by the respected film industry online news and opinion resource Celluloid Junkie in its 2018 'Top 50 Women in Global Cinema' is an amazing achievement and all of us at Vista Group are celebrating.

    09/03/2018 Evan Bateup

  • Bruce Murray 2000 Culture

    Vista Entertainment Solutions Turns 21

    August 06th 2016 marked the 21st birthday of Vista Entertainment Solutions, Vista Group's flagship and founding business. Reaching such a milestone is normally cause for celebration and a chance to tell a few stories about the journey to adulthood - maybe even pull out some old family photographs you thought (hoped?) everyone had forgotten about.

    04/11/2016 Bruce Wighton

  • LEGO MAN Square Culture

    Building the ultimate in customer support

    It takes a special kind of person to ensure businesses are kept running smoothly and that everything is awesome. And with our Vista service consultants working together as a tight-knit family, you can be confident that everything is cool when you’re part of such a strong and supportive team.

    22/06/2016 Yann Teboul

  • Innovationcup 20151109 Culture

    Creativity and innovation: Keeping bright minds alight

    In today’s business environment, it’s common for companies to adopt practices that foster creativity. There are a number of approaches, and at Vista, the Innovation Cup is an annual event that generates inventive thinking from our people.

    27/11/2015 Vicki Parry