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After installing your Vista cinema management software, our team of technical experts is always available to help in person or by phone and email. Access Vista's Services Site to find a comprehensive range of support services and products.

Vista's Services Site is your primary means of communication with the Vista services team. The site enables you to log new incidents and view existing ones easily, and allows you to keep an overview of current concerns and suggestions you have regarding the Vista product suite.

The Services Site is also the main repository of customer information including user, site, license, and product information, as well as the distribution point for our software packages and documentation. You can download software packages, POS (Point of Sale) media images, and documentation on Vista products, including installation and user guides, feature guides, glossaries, and technical bulletins.

Any incidents you experience with our products can be logged through the site, to be handled by a services team member. Attachments such as error logs and screen shots can be added to help with the troubleshooting process. Incident reporting and updates are acknowledged by email.

You are also able to use the services site for suggesting improvements to Vista software. Questions or enquiries about any Vista product will be promptly answered by a Vista services consultant.

A forum on the site makes it possible to discuss your business needs with Vista experts and other theatre exhibitors. A searchable knowledge base provides answers to thousands of questions about Vista software. As well as this, an API section provides API-related documentation and the ability to discuss your integration questions with Vista experts and other developers.

The services site is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Find a wealth of information on your Vista software installs and keep on track of your support requests

Circuit Manager

Vista’s Circuit Manager allows you to monitor and control the sites within your circuits. You can monitor hardware, retrieve important data through a simple-to-use web interface, and check on the health and statistics of Vista products, such as POS and Kiosk.

Circuit Manager enables you to schedule Vista software upgrades. You can set a date, time, and version of the software to be upgraded across the sites in your circuit, reducing the time and input required by your staff.

Language Manager

Vista’s Language Manager enables you to translate Vista user interface (UI) text into your chosen language. Once translated, the interface text can be downloaded as a file and distributed to your cinemas. Users can use Vista in their own language, without the Vista software suite needing to be updated.

Language Manager simplifies the work of translating your user interface by suggesting translations where possible, and by providing the ability to copy a translation from one UI label to all matching labels.


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