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Vista Web

Providing a great online experience.

Vista Web lets your customers purchase tickets, concessions, and other items online. They can browse the website to see what’s ‘now showing’ or what’s ‘coming soon’. Movie synopses, ratings, trailers, and links to official film websites are all visible, and loyalty information personalises the site for your customers. Site searches retrieve film options and available sessions for specified date ranges, with multiple languages supported.

By booking and paying for tickets to sessions online, customers can avoid queues and feel reassured they have reserved their preferred seats at any cinema in your circuit. For your business, it means reduced rush-hour queues, lower staffing costs, and happy customers.

Many customers prefer to get their tickets online, so they don’t have to worry about whether the movie will sell out before they arrive. They don’t have to line up and wait around.

General admission or allocated seating can be offered, and booking fees can be applied. Allocated seating can give your customers the ability to choose their seats, or it can operate on a best-seat-available basis. You can choose to display a seating map so your customers can select from the available seating without having to first specify the type of ticket they prefer. Vista Web also supports the display of wheelchair and companion seats in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Vista Web gives customers the option of print-at-home tickets for paid bookings. Online credit card clearance is implemented via a number of standard interfaces, and either processed directly through the website, or with a third party such as PayPal. Once payment is authorised, an email confirmation of the order is sent with the tickets attached. Apple’s Passbook and iOS Calendar appointments can be included in the confirmation email.

Vista Web

Ticket pickup for Vista Web sales can be enabled at Kiosk or POS (Point of Sales). Customers simply swipe the card that was used to make their booking, or scan or enter a booking code to receive their tickets. Vista Web’s integration with UsherPoint allows you to scan customer’s print-at-home tickets, eliminating the need to line up at POS. Integration with social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) is available, allowing customers to ‘like’ and rate films, and share their upcoming booking with their friends.

Vista Web is fully integrated with Vista’s Loyalty, so your customers can sign up and accumulate loyalty points from web purchases. Members can use their loyalty points to pay for orders and loyalty cards can be configured to work as gift cards, allowing a member to store credit on their card to make purchases via the website. They can pay for membership renewals, check their balance and maintain their details online in designated Loyalty Club pages, as well as view historical purchases, bookings, and points earned.

Loyalty members have the ability to 'like'/'dislike' trailers. They can also rate and leave comments about films, food and drinks, and their overall experience. Films with trailers that were 'liked' by members will be promoted to them when they go on sale.

Vista Web is scalable for circuits of any size and can be implemented as a full browsing and ticketing website, or to just power ticketing for your own site. It can be customised with your cinema data and media, using Vista’s content delivery network (CDN) and media library.

Vista Web Mobile

A mobile friendly version of the Vista Web ticketing site (Vista Web Mobile) is licensed separately and available as a separate module. This site has been designed to maximize the use of the available screen real estate and reduce page loading times for mobile devices. Vista Web Mobile is designed specifically for ease of use on a small touch screen device and includes the most popular functionality from the full desktop site:

  • View Now Showing and Coming Soon movie listings.
  • Drill into Movie Information, watch YouTube Trailers, and check session times.
  • Locate cinemas on Google Maps, view address information and contact details, as well as parking and public transport options.
  • Purchase tickets to one or more sessions using vouchers, third-party membership tickets, and dynamic pricing (airline style) tickets.
  • Select seats if allocated seating is enabled.
  • Purchase concessions.
  • Pay with Credit Card, Stored Value Card Payment, and Loyalty Points using your mobile online or at pick up. Card Wallet functionality is supported.
  • Receive confirmation emails with print-at-home tickets.
  • Sign into Loyalty to view Points, Rewards and Upcoming Bookings.
Vue Entertainment

Proudly displaying their unique branding, Vista Web is Vue’s main sales site, built for dynamic pricing updates, and blockbuster releases with huge transaction demands.

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Vista Mobile

Your cinema at their fingertips.

Vista Mobile lets your customers purchase cinema seats while they’re on the move.

Supported on both Android and iOS phones, customers can search for films and purchase tickets for any site across your circuit before they arrive at the cinema. To make the movie experience more personalized, Vista Mobile can save patrons' preferences for future use.

For your cinemas, Vista Mobile means quick and easy sales, and for your customers, better efficiency on a popular platform. You can expect satisfied movie-goers and increased ticket sales.

Vista Mobile - android

Vista Mobile is customised with all your cinema data including logos, images and contact details using Vista’s Head Office media library. Film posters are displayed in the Film Carousel to represent each film that is currently showing or coming soon. Advertising posters promote any events or deals your cinema may wish to run and are presented in a slideshow. Images of your cinema sites, GPS, Google Maps and parking details are available to help your customers locate your cinema.

By integrating with Vista webservices, Vista Mobile lets your customers make bookings and payments. Integration with Vista Connect enables Vista Mobile to retrieve films and session, process ticket purchases, and issue order confirmations. 

Customers can view a wide range of information from their phone, including trailers, synopsis, run-time, rating, opening dates, seat maps, and viewers rating. They can search for movies with various filters, including ‘coming soon’, ‘now showing’, and attributes. Moviegoers can also provide essential feedback by rating their experience, giving their own review of the movie, food, and cinema visit. Seat selection includes the ability to select wheelchair and companion seating.

Vista Mobile - iphones

At the cinema, your customers can collect their reserved tickets or, if they’ve chosen to book and pay, skip the queue and scan their phone at UsherPoint for direct entry to the cinema.

Apple Watch2

The Vista Loyalty experience is taken to a new level with Vista Mobile. Members can log in to view their account, access advanced sales, earn points, and redeem rewards all within the application. They can pay by credit or Loyalty card, and can choose to store this data in the Loyalty gift card wallet.

Dedicated support for Apple Pay and Andriod Pay radically simplifies and speeds up the purchase process. By remembering each patrons personal and payment details, the extra convenience of Vista Mobile's secure wallet encourages them to order on impulse, with literally just one touch of a button. Payment can be made with any combinations of gift cards, Loyalty-linked gift cards, Loyalty points, or a credit card. The order barcode is then delivered to your Apple Passbook and Google Now across all supported devices, including smartphones and the Apple watch.

Requirements for Vista Mobile

The Vista Mobile demo app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

A beta build can be requested and will be customised according to your cinema’s preferences and business needs.

You can choose to run both Android and iOS, or just one of these. An Apple Developer™ and/or Google Play Developer™ account is required.

The Vista Mobile app requires iPhone iOS8, Android 4.4 (KitKat), and Vista Connect 4.4.6 or later.

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Call Centre

Personalise your customer’s experience.

Call Centre gives your customers a personalised experience they will appreciate. They will be able to speak with a real person, not just about booking and paying for tickets, but about session and seating options, ticket pick-up, and loyalty information - plus they skip the queue at the cinema.

Telephone operators receive calls from your customers, who specify their booking preferences. With pre-scripted prompts, an intuitive interface, and visibility of other cinemas, it is simple for the operator to guide callers through seat selection and ticket purchase. Call Centre has a web-based interface and operators can be internal, or from third-party contracted companies.

Being able to book and pay over the phone provides peace of mind. Your customers know they won’t show up to a sold-out film and that they’ll get the seats they wanted.

The operator can provide session times, offer information and promotions, sell tickets, and select specific seats. Booking fees can be applied giving a rapid ROI and moviegoers can pay using various methods, including credit card, loyalty gift card, and vouchers. Tickets can be collected on-site and both SMS and email booking confirmations are available.

Operators can view availability at other screens and cinema sessions. If a requested session is sold out, the operator can suggest an alternative screening to retain the sale. Notes of any special requirements can be recorded against a booking for POS pickup.

Any paid or unpaid bookings made through Call Centre and other sales channels (including Vista Web and Vista Mobile) can be refunded or cancelled by operators, with appropriate permissions.

Call Centre

Integration with Vista’s Loyalty allows members to accrue points and recognitions. Call Centre also supports real-time validation of third-party member tickets and Call Centre operators have the ability to sign up patrons to loyalty programmes and manage patrons' loyalty account details. Tickets for multiple members can be added in a single transaction.

If customers are not loyalty members, basic details can be saved in Call Centre for ease of use in later bookings, resulting in a smooth and friendly customer experience.

Call tracking enables cinema managers to capture key data for each call, including the time, duration, and call reason. Managers can also track the efficiency and effectiveness of each operator.

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Telephone Ticketing

Dialling into better cinema business.

Telephone Ticketing is an automated phone ticketing system based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Telephone Ticketing takes complete care of customer inquiries about show times and bookings, freeing your staff from time-consuming phone calls.

With Telephone Ticketing, your customers can phone the cinema at any time to hear what movies are playing and make a booking.

Moviegoers are prompted to navigate through the automated ticketing system, while area code detection automatically ensures that they are only given information about cinemas in their locality. Your customers can listen to movie synopses, hear the session schedule, and book tickets. When they select a session, your customers are informed whether a session has allocated seating and are given the best available seats. Vista’s best seat algorithms ensure customers are given the best seats and are warned when their chosen seats are undesirable due to high occupancy.

Both paid and unpaid tickets can be booked using Telephone Ticketing. Customers can collect their tickets from POS (Point of Sale) or Kiosk upon arrival at the cinema.

Telephone Ticketing simplifies cinema management. All cinema, film, synopsis, censor rating, show time, and ticket information is automatically loaded into Telephone Ticketing, with no staff input required. A set of reports are provided to show usage rates by time, film, and cinema.

The only staff input required is to record voice phrases for new movies. The phrase management system is simple to use, letting you approve phrases to go live whenever you are ready, and to see at a glance all new phrases for recording or approval. Phrase recording can be done over the telephone, on a PC, or by a professional recording studio. Multiple languages are supported, and completely customisable voice prompts give you complete control of the flavour and style of your phone ticketing system.

Requirements for Telephone Ticketing

Telephone Ticketing supports a wide range of telephone systems, including analogue, digital and VoIP. The number of lines that a single system can have is only limited by the hardware; software is licensed on a per line basis, and can be scaled to be as large as you require.

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Vista Connect

Develop your own ticketing technologies – with our help.

Vista Connect is at the heart of the technologies Vista has developed to create some of the world’s best experiences for cinema customers, cinema staff, and management. With Vista Connect, this same proven technology is available to assist you to develop your own custom software.

Vista Connect is a collection of web services and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) used by Vista to remotely access products that manage ticketing and film session functions for multiple cinemas in a circuit. It is a robust, scalable and proven platform that you can use to build mobile apps (for both iOS and Android environments) and to power online ticketing on your website. Vista Connect’s APIs are continually updated to keep up with our evolving technology, keeping your development current.

Using our proven technology, you’re able to develop your software with efficiency and simple integration.

Vista Connect enables easy integration with third party systems, simplifying the deployment of new products and services. It provides you with all the tools you need for managing payments and developing shopping cart functions, including the ability for items to be added and viewed as your customers navigate your site.

Using Vista Connect’s content delivery network (CDN) functionality, you can efficiently deliver and manage media stored in the media library. Information such as events, promotions, merchandise, or film images can be sent to multiple sales channels and to your website.

At the core of Vista Connect is the Vista IT database. This can be configured to manage ticketing for multiple cinemas, with settings modified to control how third parties can interact. Sales data for a circuit is collated, centralised, and stored by the database, enabling you to easily access the information through a number of services. The IT database also tracks the real-time status of each transaction and can identify tickets that have been selected but not yet paid for.

Since all transactional data is stored, Vista Connect has the ability to retrieve information about Loyalty members, refund previous sales, and present aggregated information about a particular cinema circuit.

Vista Connect provides everything you need to build, integrate, and deploy your technology in one simple, affordable package:

  • Scalable and tailored for a load-balanced environment
  • Interfaces based on common standards
  • A CDN component that can be hosted externally for image delivery.

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