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Vista Cinema

Box Office

Creating order and simplicity in the busy cinema business.

The first of the three core modules that make up Vista Cinema - the foundation product for every Vista user.

Box Office does the hard work behind the scenes so that your cinema can run smoothly. It’s easy to learn and use and your teams will be up and running in no time - and your customers will get to the front of the queue faster.

Box Office is designed to create order and simplicity from the various scenarios that cinema exhibition presents. You will love it almost as much as your customers will.

Box Office enables you to efficiently handle different pricing, seating types, theatre configurations, packages and promotions. It provides a fast, hierarchical pricing process, so once the base ticket types have been created, price cards will be generated to define the available tickets for a time of day or day of the week (including comps and vouchers). The same price cards can be used for Kiosk, Vista Web, and Telephone Ticketing, or determined by individual channel.

Box Office also stores images, media, full ticketing and film information, which can be displayed at Point of Sale, Kiosk, Vista Web, and Vista Mobile.

For cinema management, Box Office means the ability to:

  • Control which features and levels of authority are available for individual employees
  • Easily configure Point of Sale screens, and manage session schedules using a drag and drop interface
  • Turn concession stands into ticketing stands, and vice versa.

For cinema operations, Box Office means the ability to:

  • Sell concessions and tickets from the same POS screen
  • Quickly and accurately scan vouchers
  • Automatically send alerts or requests to a manager’s mobile device
  • See any sales incentives, and track personal progress in real time
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with online validation of vouchers and passes.

Box Office can be completely managed from Head Office, which also offers the ability to configure everything from POS screen lay-outs to special offers and advertising, and then deploy across a group of cinemas.

Head Office also offers easy access to distributor, cashier, and performance reports along with real-time queries to show sales by film, ticket type and sales channel. You can also check your levels of occupancy. All of this interfaces with your accounting systems.

Box Office helps to power most products in the Vista range, including Head Office, Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Group Sales, Kiosk, Telephone Ticketing, Vista Web, and Vista Mobile. It integrates seamlessly with UsherPoint, InTouch and Vista Analytics.

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Concession Sales

The silent salesperson that pays for itself, over and over again.

The second of the three core modules that is the foundation for every Vista package.

Vista Concession Sales is like having a squad of highly-motivated salespeople to upsize, upsell and close the sale, hundreds of times every day.

Concession Sales is designed to drive extra revenue from those high-margin items like food, drinks, combos, merchandise, and loyalty offerings. It can calculate suggestions based on an existing order, and entice extra sales via customer-facing POS screens. So while Concession Sales does the hard work, your frontline staff can stay calm under pressure.

You can also rely on Concession Sales to take care of even the most complex stock management and stock control. No matter how diverse your inventory, Concession Sales helps count, track, and analyse stock usage, so you can get stock management and profitability down to a fine art.

Lift the sales performance of your frontline staff—and manage complex concession inventory, effortlessly.

Concession Sales works to boost your bottom line on two fronts.

Firstly, with film margins eroding, it allows you to promote and maximise the sales of high-margin concession products. All offers, loyalty promotions, up-sells and deals can be calculated and configured at the cinema operations office, and then distributed to individual cinemas via Head Office.

At the point of sale, all purchases are scanned or entered into the system.  Concession Sales instantly calculates the most appropriate upsell or deal, and prompts sales staff to offer it to customers. These offers are also visually reinforced on a customer-facing POS screen—making them hard to resist.

Concession Sales also provides the ideal tool for sales incentive schemes. By allowing staff to track their performance in real time during their shifts, they can be motivated to go that extra mile.


Vista Concession Sales also simplifies the complexities of stock management and margin control. All concession items can be set up and priced from Head Office. From there, all stock movements, including incoming products, transfers between cinemas, and sales and wastage, are automatically captured.

So at any time it’s easy to accurately calculate stock usage and  re-ordering requirements, see the value of stock on hand, or perform a full stock take. Concession Sales also gives you real time intelligence about the value of discounts and deals and margin by product—so you can develop the most profitable offers, deals and promotions going forward.

Concession Sales helps power most products in the Vista range, including Head Office, Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Group Sales, Kiosk, Telephone Ticketing, Vista Web, and Vista Mobile. It integrates seamlessly with UsherPoint, InTouch and Vista Analytics.

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Food & Beverage

How to be smooth operators in everything food and beverage.

The last of the three base modules of Vista Cinema.

If your cinema offers bar and dining experiences, Food & Beverage helps you deliver five star service and maximize hospitality revenues, every time. Working in tandem and building on the Vista Concession Sales functionality, Food & Beverage rolls the expert skills of a maitre d’, waiting staff, chef extraordinaire, and cashier into one smooth, integrated package.

From the moment a food or drinks order is placed, Food & Beverage knows the pressure’s on to deliver accurately and seamlessly. It takes control of sending orders to all the different areas of your food preparation operation. It knows just where to find each customer, and what’s expected by who, where and by when.

And because Food & Beverage integrates with all Vista ticketing and concessions products, there’s only one system to learn.

With the full package of food, drinks, entertainment, and exceptional service, you’ll give your customers every reason to stay longer, spend more, and come back for seconds.

With fast, efficient food and beverage service delivered anywhere in the house, your customers may never want to leave.

Food & Beverage is a fully featured hospitality package that’s integrated into the core Vista offering. The systemworks behind the scenes to coordinate the many complex areas of delivering food and beverages to multiple locations throughout your cinema facilities.

It records customer orders at POS, and then automatically sends different components to the relevant food preparation areas. For example, if you have separate areas for grilling, salads, and frying, Food & Beverage identifies these components and splits the order accordingly.

From there, Food & Beverage coordinates and sequences preparation, so everything comes together at the same time. When it’s time for delivery, the exact customer location (bar stool, cinema seat, table, or couch) is graphically displayed so nothing’s left to chance.

Restaurant Visual

Food & Beverage also handles those irregular and sometimes difficult requests too. Bill splitting is no problem. Keeping tracks of groups moving between tables, bars, and cinemas can be done by setting up a single tab. Adding holiday surcharges can be set up and removed automatically, and complimentary goods are easily accommodated within the system.

Managing tips is easy too. The system supports different tipping options, and can provide full tips reports at cash-up time.

Food & Beverage also makes it easy to print almost any information it handles. Live tabs, bills, orders, tip reports, and other analytics are all available in real time, any time of the day or night.

So with Food & Beverage you can offer the full hospitality and entertainment package to your customers, confident that Vista’s got it covered behind the scenes.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage that puts you in the director’s chair.

Digital Signage saves time on maintaining digital messaging around your circuit and gives your customers more information, more excitement and more reasons to make a return visit.

With Digital Signage you get to choose what’s displayed in your cinema - anything from trailers to advertising images, live session times, or pricing and concessions. Customise your content within the templates supplied, schedule it in advance, and leave Vista to run the show on any LCD or plasma screen.

Make the most of every opportunity to communicate and sell to your audience.

Digital Signage lets cinema managers set up dynamic or static playlists to convey customised information to cinema patrons.

To tailor your playlist, just drag and drop to determine the order of items and then use one of 25 customisable templates to design your look and feel.

Digital Signage allows film advertising and rating images to be loaded into Head Office when you set up your films, then automatically displayed around your circuit. It lets you create and control your own playlist of promotional content, then set and forget, leaving Digital Signage to to do its thing. Digital Signage also displays your pre-loaded content across Vista Web, Kiosk, the Vista Mobile app and the POS customer facing screen.

Being part of the Vista family, Digital Signage already has knowledge of your cinema’s schedules, release dates and price changes, so automatically updates and displays the latest information. It also understands different cinema concepts, formats and session properties (like closed captions and subtitles) and automatically displays this - all without any help from your staff.

Requirements for Digital Signage

Use your own LCD and plasma screens, or choose one we recommend. Digital Signage is integrated into Vista Cinema, providing instant access to film data and session schedules. Digital Signage uses Back Office and Head Office, and aligns smoothly with all your other Vista software and hardware.

Templates are html based and easily customised by anyone with html experience. A wide range of media formats can be used, such as html, flash, MS Powerpoint, video files, or picture files. Digital Signage has seamless access to live Vista Cinema data, and each screen can show a different ‘channel’ on each of window.

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A clear view of your cinema funds – from the best seat in the house.

No matter how your customers choose to transact with you, CashDesk provides full visibility and automated management of your funds, right around the clock. Whether customers use cash, cheques, vouchers, electronic or online payments, you’ll have visibility of all your revenue streams in one easy to understand view.

With tools that allow you to quickly track, manage and analyse your funds, you’ll save on time and wages and know that your cash management is 100% safe, accurate and all backed up with a full audit trail.  

CashDesk gives you what you need to view, manage and analyse your revenue streams - and make better, more informed business decisions.

CashDesk makes the manual management of balancing, reconciliation, floats and banking bags a thing of the past. Whether you’re dealing with physical funds stored in a safe, at the point of sale, or elsewhere, CashDesk securely keeps track of it all. Even funds in transit, where users are not yet logged on, or are logged off but not yet cashed up, are accounted for. CashDesk also tracks funds from external sales devices such as ATMs, IVR systems, and web servers.

For cinema managers, this means the ability to manage an unlimited number of safe locations at any time, and quickly check on the cinema balance for the day if needed.  With balances that are automatically reconciled, it’s easy to generate opening and closing balances any time of the day (or as a regular part of the end of day process). Also, because multiple business days can be open at the same time, operating around the clock, is not an issue.

CashDesk’s fully automated float management function means that floats can be calculated and issued prior to a shift. Alternatively, they can be created and replenished as each new operator logs on.

Time-consuming manual banking procedures are also streamlined with CashDesk. All electronic transactions are automatically reconciledand the day’s cash, vouchers and cheques can be combined to create a single, consolidated bank deposit. CashDesk also supports many different payment methods, denomination types and a reconciliation process which allows funds to be tracked by quantity, value or both.  Deposits can be tracked right through to courier pickup or the dispatch process.

From financial reporting to ordering change from the bank, CashDesk gives you everything your cinema needs to run smoothly behind the scenes.

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Cinema service so good, people will want to help themselves.

Kiosk is an engaging touchscreen device that sets a new standard for customer self-service ticketing. This product can massively reduce wait times for customers during busy periods, and its rich touchscreen interface integrates visuals and audio into a friendly and easy-to-use process. It doubles as a promotional tool and minimises staff costs.

Kiosk streamlines ticket purchase and collection, and provides your customer with a wide range of options for engaging with your cinema.

Customers can buy tickets, collect pre-purchased tickets, order concessions, view trailers, and choose from a range of seating options—all without having to line up at a staffed point of sale. Kiosks can be placed in nearby malls or stores, extending the cinema’s advertising platform.

There are many ways to pay, including gift cards, credit cards, debit, and cash. And streamlining modes can speed things up. For example, one Kiosk could allow only customers who have bought online to collect their tickets there. Other Kiosks could be set up nearby for buying tickets on the spot. And still more could be programmed for exploring trailers for features playing at the cinema before purchasing.

Colours, fonts, images, and branding can be customised to match cinema requirements. With multilingual capacity and both visual and audio prompts, even your technophobic customers will find Kiosk easy to use.

Requirements for Kiosk

Hardware options are flexible, with several off-the-shelf workstations recommended by Vista, including the Partech Kiosk, the IBM NetVista Kiosk, and the NCR Web Kiosk. Swipe readers or motorised readers are supported, as well as a wide range of printers, including KTX Practical Automation, BOCA, Star OPOS, and NCR OPOS. The showpiece portrait view that includes trailers and advertising is very impressive when presented on a large touchscreen.

Kiosk can be used on existing hardware. A regular POS can double as a Kiosk; just add a flush mounted ticket printer in the countertop, a touch screen that swivels 180 degrees (available from IBM), and a swipe reader on the side of the screen. When an operator’s shift is complete, the POS program can be shut down and Kiosk started. The screen can then be turned to the customer, making that cashier lane available for self-service ticketing.

Kiosk is flexible: cinemas can customise both hardware and software to fit their own needs.

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InTouch: your finger on the pulse via a portal in your pocket.

InTouch (iOS) gives your managers the freedom to run their business - without being tied down to one spot.

InTouch is an app that runs on an Apple iOS mobile devices, so as long as managers have their iPhone or iPad on them, they’ve got what they need to stay informed and make decisions.

Queries or requests from cashiers reach them instantly, so there’s no delay getting authorization for special tasks at POS. KPI dashboards are configured to provide a snapshot of the day’s business, and drill-down options can provide the full picture.

No matter where they are in the business, InTouch means that your managers have always got their finger on the pulse.

Without even going near my desk, I can keep an eye on sales, monitor staff, and assist customers, and all in real time. InTouch truly keeps my business at my fingertips.

Managers need to be out and about, and InTouch lets them get things done wherever they are. InTouch provides an on-the-go data and command centre, allowing managers an on-the-spot overview of operations and the ability to drill down into detailed cinema data, such as spend-per-admit or occupancy. Cashiers can send requests directly from their POS terminal which managers receive on their mobile device. For example, a cashier can request approval to refund an order, which the manager can authorize remotely.

The app is set in a clean, simple, and human-friendly interface.
Communicate, operate, and be informed on the go!

Requirements for InTouch

You’ll need an iPod or iPhone device running iOS 5.1 or later.  

The InTouch app requires the installation of the InTouch Service which can be easily downloaded from the Vista services site. Talk to us for more information on how InTouch can be up and running in no time.

(The InTouch app can be downloaded directly from the Apple app store to your device, and also works with the Apple MDM system and most other device management applications.)

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Usher in a new era of crowd control.

UsherPoint is the tool that lets ushers deliver an award-winning performance every time. With the power of UsherPoint, they can can check tickets, validate customer movements, tune in with what’s happening right now in each cinema, and swiftly resolve common issues; no more ripping tickets or manoeuvring in the dark. With UsherPoint your staff can electronically scan customers tickets, so patrons are quickly seated in the right place, every time.

With data captured in real-time, management have a clear view of what’s happening across every cinema.

I’m an usher, and I love UsherPoint. I can easily show and explain to customers where they’re sitting, swap their seats, monitor sessions and sort out issues fast. All the tools I need to do my job well are right there.

UsherPoint iOS is the latest mobile development for ticket scanning. Run on an iPod Touch or iPad; UsherPoint can read barcodes on a mobile phone screen, or scan regular physical tickets printed from home, Point of Sale, or Kiosk. The usher will see the movie a customer is going to, the movie’s rating, and the seats the customers should sit in. A notification will arise if the customer has forgotten to pick up concessions, if the ticket has already been entered, or if someone is trying to enter too early or late for a showing. UsherPoint also displays all sessions that are about to start and end, and the number of people who that are yet to arrive.

When linked to relevant hardware, UsherPoint can even print physical tickets - useful in cases when tickets are required by law.

UsherPoint PC even allows integration with turnstile hardware, meaning usher stations can be completely unattended, offering savings on staff costs.

UsherPoint also puts the power in your hands to resolve issues on the spot - from updating signage in the foyer for crowd control, to notifying people of a screening that’s about to start or swapping seats to resolve issues.

Requirements for UsherPoint

An iPad or iPod Touch can be all you need, but UsherPoint integrates with several existing systems for ultimate efficiency. Talk to us for the specific technical requirements.

UsherPoint scans both 1D and 2D barcodes. The software links in real time with the Cinema Server and communicates with the Sales Server component.

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Staff Scheduling

Staff-wrangling made easy.

Staff Scheduling solves that potential headache of not ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time. By anticipating and automatically calculating the resource required to keep your cinema running smoothly, Staff Scheduling pays for itself, time and time again.

With access to key information about staff availability, skill levels, historic staffing requirements, and wages, Staff Scheduling can automatically create rosters that tick all the boxes.

Staff Scheduling means your managers spend a fraction of the time working on rosters. They get the right people on the job at handand the wage bill is reduced.

I love Staff Scheduling, because it has reduced the total time spent scheduling staff each week from 35 hours to less than 4 hours.

Staff Scheduling creates automated shift allocations, saving money while meeting each individual cinema’s requirements.

Managers can assign staff to cost-effective weekly schedules, with this flexible system taking into account day-to-day staffing needs, skill and training levels of staff members, staff availability, and wage levels. Previous weeks can be used as a template, and forecasted cinema attendance manually adjusted. Public holidays are supported, and computer-generated SMS alerts can help to fill urgent shift requests.

Costing is continually calculated and updated, allowing the cinema manager to see the budgetary implications of any decisions in real time.

Staff Scheduling is integrated with Time & Attendance and Infoworks, so you can be confident that employees are working in compliance with their scheduled shifts. Communicating the roster to your cinema staff is made easy by posting schedules to a web portal accessible by all in your teams.

Requirements for Staff Scheduling

Staff Scheduling is fully integrated with InfoWorks and Head Office. The staff portal uses Microsoft IIS. Talk to us for further technical requirements.

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Hit fast forward on cinema scheduling.

Now time-consuming double handling of scheduling information is a thing of the past, thanks to Vista Projection.

Instead of entering schedule details into Vista, and then transferring them into your TMS, Projection provides a single point of data entry. Just create your weekly schedule using Showtime Manager, and Projection takes care of the rest!

There are no new skills to learn, and no new hardware required. Your projectionist just does what they’ve always done, and Vista makes it happen behind the scenes.

With your programming in such good hands, your staff can get on with running other aspects of your business, knowing your scheduling is all taken care of.

Vista Projection automates and speeds up scheduling, and reduces staff costs.

There’s nothing new to see or do with Projection; it’s simply a software interface that reduces the man-hours needed to keep your cinema running every week.

Vista Projection works by providing a web service interface which ‘talks’ to most TMS systems (for example Arts, Alliance and GDC). The TMS regularly queries Vista for any scheduling changes, and updates your cinema schedule automatically.

Your staff just continue to create their weekly scheduling using Showtime Manager, and Projection integrates it all with the TMS.

The Vista Projection web service is available via both REST- and SOAP-based protocols.

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Air Conditioning

The downward march of the air-con bills.

Running multiple cinemas all day, every day, means every operational dollar counts. Which is why Vista Air Conditioning makes a massive difference to your bottom line.

By keeping tabs on the number of patrons in each cinema and each session, Air Conditioning automatically calculates the optimal settings, as determined by you. So not a cent is wasted.

For the business, it means you’re never spending more than you need to on keeping the climate comfortable. For customers, it’s the perfect temperature, every time!


This has saved cinemas 20% on their power bills, and driven away all complaints of too-cold cinemas.

Air Conditioning takes admit data, exported from Vista, and customises the cinema temperature setting, based on the number of seats sold, to create the correct power increase to achieve the optimum temperature. The more seats sold, the harder it works.

The product communicates with Building Management Systems to control the output of airflow from each air conditioning controller in the facility.

Cinema management are able to override and control the temperature for scenarios like Private Screenings.

Requirements for Air Conditioning

You'll need a cinema complex that allows for the Building Management System to read this data and appropriately update the airflow levels. Talk to us for the specification requirements.

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