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Box Office

Creating order and simplicity in the busy cinema business.

Box Office is one of the core modules that make up Vista Cinema. It is the foundation product for every cinema running Vista.

Behind the scenes, Box Office does the hard work so that your cinema can run smoothly. It’s easy to use, allowing your teams to be up and running in no time.

Box Office is designed to provide order and simplicity out of the various scenarios that cinema exhibition presents. You will love it and so will your customers.

You will be able to efficiently handle scheduling, pricing, seating, theatre configuration, and promotions and discounts. Box Office lets you separately define pricing and ticket availability and then combine them to create a pricing hierarchy. A particular combination can be applied to a session either manually, or by using Box Office’s automated formats.

Cinema management will benefit from using Box Office:

  • Manage session schedules with an easy to use, drag and drop, graphical interface.
  • Control the features and levels of authority available to individual employees.
  • Configure POS (Point of Sale) workstations.

Cinema operations will benefit from using Box Office:

  • Sell concessions and tickets from the same POS workstation
  • Quickly and accurately scan vouchers
  • Automatically send alerts or requests to a manager’s mobile device
  • See sales incentives, KPIs, and track sales staff progress in real time
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with online validation of vouchers and passes.

If your business uses Vista’s Head Office, you will have the ability to manage and configure your Box Office from a central location and deploy your business processes across your cinema circuit.

Head Office offers easy access to distributor, cashier, and performance reports along with real-time queries to show sales by film, ticket types, and sales channel.

Your images and media may be stored in Box Office, or using Head Office you will be able to centrally manage media for all sales channels.

Box Office integrates with most products in the Vista range, including Kiosk, InTouch, UsherPoint, Head Office, Vista Analytics, Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Group Sales, Vista Web, Vista Mobile, and Telephone Ticketing.

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Concession Sales

The silent salesperson that continually pays for itself.

Concession Sales is one of the core modules making up Vista Cinema, the foundation of every Vista package.

With film margins eroding, Concession Sales drives extra revenue from high-margin items such as food, drink, combos, and merchandise alongside promotions and deals. Integration with Vista Loyalty also allows for member benefits and rewards.

Lift the sales performance of your front-line staff and manage complex concession inventory effortlessly.

Concession Sales determines the best upsell or deal, and prompts sales staff to offer it to customers. These offers are visually reinforced on a customer-facing screen, making them hard to resist. Real-time intelligence about the value of your discounts, deals, and margin by product allows you to develop the most profitable offers and promotions.

If your business uses Vista’s Head Office, you can configure your concessions, promotions, and discounts from a central location and deploy them across your cinema circuit.

Sales incentive schemes allow staff to track their performance using visual KPIs, motivating them to go that extra mile.

Concession Sales

Complex stock management and margin control is taken care of, no matter how diverse your organisation’s inventory. Stock movements, including incoming product, transfers between cinemas, and sales wastage are automatically captured so you can get stock management and profitability down to a fine art. It is easy to calculate stock use and ordering requirements, see the value of stock on hand, and perform a full stock take.

Concession Sales integrates with most products in the Vista range, including Kiosk, InTouch, UsherPoint, Head Office, Vista Analytics, Loyalty, Vouchers & Gift Cards, Group Sales, Vista Web, Vista Mobile, and Telephone Ticketing.

Emagine Entertainment USA

Vista Cinema lets Emagine customize their POS profile displays with their own concessions categories. Quick, easy navigation and display options simplify the cashier’s role.


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Food & Beverage

Serving up a gourmet movie experience.

Food & Beverage is one of the core modules that make up Vista Cinema, the foundation of every Vista package.

If your cinema offers bar and dining experiences, Vista’s F&B (Food & Beverage) helps you deliver five star service and maximise hospitality revenues and spend per head.

F&B provides a unique, single system to manage both ticket purchases and food orders. It provides a single reporting source across all aspects of your organisation, allowing you to make informed decisions that will improve the efficiency of your daily operations.

With food and ticket operations are combined, your business will run faster and more efficiently. Create unique marketing campaigns that provide value to your customers while increasing your spend-per-admit.

It’s quick and easy for your customers to place orders and to choose the time each course will arrive. Delivery times are clearly visible so your kitchen knows exactly when to have your customer’s food ready. With food preparation coordinated, everything comes together at the same time, providing your customers with a seamless dining experience.

F&B’s In-Theatre dining can automatically set the delivery location for food orders based on ticket purchases if allocated seating is assigned. Alternatively, precise customer location is graphically displayed so your servers know when and where to deliver orders during a session.

Food and Beverage

Only Vista offers the ability to unlock special deals within a single order that contains both food and ticket orders. Your customers can enjoy a special price on food or tickets, or a discount on future purchases.

By using F&B in combination with Vista’s Loyalty, you can offer competitive and creative loyalty reward schemes that will make customers choose your cinema over another. Loyalty members can use a single card to earn points across your restaurant, bar, and theatres. This quick and exceptional service simplifies their experience, makes them feel special and rewards their loyalty.

With Vista’s integrated system, customers receive just one check at the end of the night, even if they moved between areas within your complex. One-touch bulk printing of outstanding checks allows servers to print off and deliver checks just before the movie ends. Your customers won’t have to worry about waiting for the check and the payment can be processed using a card swiped on arrival. Tips are easily managed and orders can be paid on one check, or split by individuals within a group.

F&B is a full-featured hospitality module integrated into the core of Vista Cinema. Working in conjunction with all Vista ticketing and concessions products, Vista Cinema benefits your customers and ensures there is only one system for your staff to learn and manage.

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Digital Signage

Putting you in the director’s chair.

Digital Signage lets you choose what’s displayed in your cinema while saving you time on maintaining your digital messaging around your circuit. You can customise your content using the templates supplied, schedule content in advance, and leave Vista to run the show on any LCD or plasma screen.

Digital Signage gives you more opportunities to communicate and sell to your audience.

Cinema managers can set up dynamic or static playlists to convey tailored information to your customers – anything from trailers to advertising images, live session times, or pricing and concessions.

To customise your playlist, a series of predefined templates are available in our drag and drop web interface. Schedule a playlist on as many displays as you want from wherever you are, and let Vista do the rest.  The content for each template is updated dynamically using data you have already set up in Vista to run your cinema. No more changing your signage schedule to match your film schedule.

If your organisation uses Head Office, you will have the ability to manage your film media and rating images from a central location when you configure your films. Digital Signage can display pre-loaded content across Vista Web, Kiosk, Vista Mobile, and POS (Point of Sale) customer-facing screens by re-using your film media content.

Digital Signage has seamless access to live Vista Cinema data, enabling your cinema’s schedules, release dates, and price changes to be displayed in real-time. Movie formats and session properties (such as closed captions and subtitles) are presented automatically.

Digital Signage

Requirements for Digital Signage

Digital Signage requires the Vista Cinema module to provide instant access to film data and session schedules. Integration with Head Office enables central control of film data and media content.


Because Digital Signage is web based, it can run on any device with a capable web browser. The Android app allows you to run it on Android smart TVs, and the Windows app allows you to use a single PC to control many displays. Minimal hardware investment is required—especially if you use Android TVs, which don't require additional PCs or display cabling.

Note: If you run Digital Signage on a desktop PC, the number of output channels is dependent on the capacity of the graphics card.

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A clear view of your cinema funds from the best seat in the house.

No matter how your customers choose to transact with you, CashDesk provides full visibility and automated management of your funds. Whether customers use cash, cheques, vouchers, electronic, or online payments, you’ll have a clear view of all your revenue across POS (Point of Sale) and backroom safes.

Time-consuming manual banking procedures are streamlined. All electronic transactions are automatically reconciled and the day’s takings combined to create a single, consolidated bank deposit.

With tools that allow you to quickly track, manage, and analyse your funds, you’ll save on time and wages, and know that your cash management is 100% safe, accurate, and backed up with a full audit trail.  

CashDesk gives you what you need to view, manage and analyse your revenue streams, supporting better, more informed business decisions

Whether you’re dealing with physical funds stored in a safe or at POS, CashDesk securely tracks it all. Funds in transit are accounted for when POS Operators are not yet logged on, or have logged off but not yet cashed up. CashDesk also manages transactions on external sales devices, including ATMs, IVR systems, and web servers.

CashDesk supports many different payment methods and denomination types, and has a reconciliation process that allows funds to be tracked by quantity, value or both.  Deposits can be tracked right through to courier pickup or dispatch. Safe counts can be automated and recorded throughout the day.

Your cinema managers will be able to oversee an unlimited number of safe locations, and quickly check on the cinema balance for the day. Opening and closing balances are easily generated, and because multiple business days can be open at the same time, operating at all hours is not an issue.

CashDesk’s fully automated float management function allows floats to be counted and issued prior to a shift, as well as mid-shift counts to be performed. Floats can be created and replenished as each new operator logs on.

From financial reporting to ordering change from the bank, CashDesk gives you everything your cinema needs to run smoothly behind the scenes.

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Cinema service so good, people will want to help themselves.

Kiosk is an engaging touchscreen device that sets a new standard for customer self-service ticketing.

The touchscreen interface operates in either landscape or widescreen portrait mode and integrates visuals and audio into a friendly and easy-to-use process. It reduces wait time for your customers during busy periods and doubles as a promotional tool and minimises staff costs.

Kiosk streamlines ticket purchase and collection, and provides your customer with a wide range of options for engaging with your cinema.

Customers can buy tickets, collect tickets that have been pre-purchased, order food and concessions, view trailers, and choose from a range of seating options—all without having to line up at a staffed point of sale.

To ensure that your patrons get the best value every time, Kiosk automatically suggests tickets and concessions discounts based on the content of their order. For tickets to 3D sessions, Kiosk can also be configured to prompt moviegoers to purchase 3D glasses.

Kiosk personalizes the movie-going experience for Loyalty members, greeting them by name and showing them their earned Loyalty points and rewards. New patrons can sign up for a Loyalty membership directly through Kiosk, and edit their personal details on sign in. Members can redeem ticket and concession rewards and accumulate points for their purchases. 

Branding and images can be customised to match your cinema’s requirements and Kiosks can be placed in nearby malls or stores, extending your advertising platform. Your trailers and images will catch your customer’s eye when presented on a large touchscreen.

Kiosks can be configured for efficiency, with some set up specifically for the collection of online tickets, and others set up for buying tickets or for exploring trailers on the spot.

Your customers are given the freedom to choose how they wish to pay, whether it be by credit card, debit, cash, or gift cards, and loyalty members can earn points and redeem vouchers.

With multilingual capability, your customers will want to help themselves.

Requirements for Kiosk

Kiosk enables you to customise both your hardware and software to fit your needs. Several off-the-shelf workstations are recommended by Vista or, with a few small changes, it’s possible to use existing hardware.

By using a touchscreen that swivels 180 degrees and turning it to face the customer, a regular POS workstation can double as a Kiosk, making the cashier lane available for self-service ticketing.

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Keep your fingers on the pulse of your cinema.

InTouch gives your managers the freedom to see what’s happening within your business from any Apple iOS mobile device. Your managers will stay informed and can make decisions without being tied to the office.

Without being anywhere near your desk, you can keep an eye on sales, monitor staff, and assist customers. InTouch truly does keep your business at your fingertips.


Managers need to be out and about. InTouch provides managers with an overview of the cinema’s operations. KPI indicators provide a snapshot of the day’s business. You can track how well a promotional item is selling and which POS Operator is selling the most, as well as monitor spend-per-admit, occupancy, showtime scheduling, and other detailed cinema data. InTouch also eliminates the inconvenience of paper, enabling your managers to directly perform a stocktake on their mobile device.

The app delivers Back Office alerts via push notifications, alerting managers of particular situations as they arise, or are about to occur. POS Operators can request their manager directly from their workstation, sending an alert to their manager’s mobile device when they require assistance for tasks such as remote authorisation to refund an order.

When the cinema is busy, managers can ensure that staff are checking key locations such as lobbies, restrooms, and auditoriums for cleanliness. A location check can be created in advance for a scheduled time, and today’s upcoming checks and previously completed checks can be viewed. Printed location barcodes affixed to each location can simply be scanned by staff to bring up a checklist of tasks, ensuring a thorough check is performed. Managers can also release house seats to the public and remove broken seats, streamlining your operations. Staff using UsherPoint iOS can alert managers on InTouch to any location or seating issues.

The app has a clean, simple and intuitive interface to keep you informed and in contact on the go!

Requirements for InTouch

Download InTouch directly from the Apple App Store to your device. You’ll need an iPod or iPhone device running iOS 5.1 or later. InTouch also works with the Apple MDM system and most other device management applications.

InTouch requires you to install the InTouch Service, which can be easily downloaded from the Vista Services Site.

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Usher in a new era of crowd control.

UsherPoint is the tool that lets your ushers deliver consistent award-winning performance. It enables ushers and floor staff to take responsibility for validating tickets and customer movements, be aware of auditorium transitions, and swiftly resolve common issues; no more ripping tickets or manoeuvring in the dark! UsherPoint provides your staff with the ability to scan printed barcodes or barcodes displayed on a smartphone screen, ensuring customers are quickly seated in the right place, every time.

Your ushers will love using UsherPoint. It provides them with all the tools they need to do their job efficiently. They can easily show customers where they’re sitting, swap their seats, monitor sessions, and sort out issues.


Your ushers will see the customer’s chosen movie and their allocated seats. Films ratings are clearly visible so customer eligibility can be monitored. Ushers are notified if customers have forgotten to pick up concession purchases, if the ticket has already been used, or if the customer is trying to enter a screening early or late. Showtime schedules no longer need to be printed out. Session times can be viewed using UsherPoint, with a view showing sessions that are about to start and end, and the number of customers yet to arrive.

UsherPoint iOS is the complementary app to Vista’s InTouch. It provides the ability to resolve issues on the spot — from updating signage in the foyer for crowd control through to swapping seats. In cases where physical tickets are required by law, UsherPoint iOS can also be configured to print tickets.

UsherPoint iOS supports Location Checks. Locations corresponding to key facilities such as screens, restrooms, and lobbies can be created and location barcodes can be printed out and affixed to each location. At the scheduled time, your cinema staff simply arrive at the location and scan the barcode using their smartphones to start the check, ensuring your cinemas offer the best in-house experience.

UsherPoint iOS combines with InTouch to create an unmatched cinema app suite that encourages staff to respond quickly and effectively to moviegoer needs and manager requests. Using push notifications and alerts, managers can send instructions to and receive responses from staff at every corner of the cinema.

If your business uses UsherPoint PC, turnstile hardware can be integrated, allowing you to save costs by completely automating your usher stations and operating in unattended self-service mode.

Requirements for UsherPoint

Download UsherPoint iOS directly from the Apple App Store to your device or create an enterprise build.

UsherPoint iOS is available for iOS 7 or above and integrates with approved scanning peripherals. It is designed to operate on iPhone and iPod devices.

UsherPoint PC is available on PC and Windows CE devices. It integrates with other Vista systems and has the flexibility to run on hardware to best suit the needs of each cinema.

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Hit fast-forward on cinema scheduling.

Thanks to Vista’s Projection, time-consuming double-handling of scheduling information is a thing of the past.

Instead of entering your cinema’s schedule details into Vista and then transferring them into your TMS (Theatre Management System), Projection’s web service interface  ‘talks’ directly to your TMS, reducing the time spent running your cinema every week. In addition, you can enter trailer schedules in Vista, and they will be sent automatically to your TMS.

The TMS regularly queries Vista for scheduling changes, and updates your projection schedule automatically. Just create your weekly schedule using Showtime Manager or Film Programming and Projection takes care of the rest!

Vista Projection automates and speeds up scheduling, reducing errors and staff costs.

There are no new skills to learn, and no new is hardware required. Your projectionist just does what they’ve always done, and Vista makes it happen behind the scenes.

With your programming in such good hands, your staff can get on with running other aspects of your business, knowing your scheduling is taken care of.

Requirements for Projection

The Vista Projection web service integrates with TMS systems such as Arts, Alliance, and GDC. It’s available via both REST and SOAP-based protocols.

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Air Conditioning

The star behind low air-con bills.

Running multiple cinemas every day means every dollar counts. Vista’s Air Conditioning will ensure you’re not paying for undue expenses, with the benefit going straight to your bottom line.

Air Conditioning takes Vista admit data and automatically customises the air conditioning flow levels based on the number of seats sold. For your business, this means you’re never spending more than you need to keep the climate comfortable.

Save money on power bills and drive away complaints that your auditorium is too cold.

Vista’s Air Conditioning is flexible, ensuring your cinema management is able to override and control the temperature for situations such as Private Screenings.

Requirements for Air Conditioning

Your cinema complex requires a Building Management System that allows for Vista data to be read and the airflow levels to be updated accordingly.

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