Our Technology

At Vista, we take our technology seriously. Built to be THE most functional and feature-rich cinema management solution, with Vista your cinemas will give you the best return on your investment.

Strong Software Platform

Our software is developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and runs on Microsoft SQL Server, supported by Microsoft’s technology, investment, and infrastructure. Vista is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner™ and is PA-DSS Certified.

We support everything from SQL Express for individual cinemas, right up to Enterprise for multiple cinema circuits requiring data warehousing.

  • Desktop applications are developed with Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Framework technologies.
  • Websites are developed with ASP.NET using MVC and Web Form technologies, with a strong focus on creating a great user experience using modern JavaScript and CSS tooling.
  • Web services are developed with Windows Communication Framework and Web API technologies.
  • iOS and Android applications are created using native tooling to allow for the best user experience.

We maintain a single code base, ensuring that you benefit from a strong, well-maintained product. Regular functional enhancements add business value and ensure that you won’t be left with a version that can no longer be upgraded.

Extensibility and Integration Options

Extensibility and integration are a core part of our philosophy:

  • Custom extracts and data feeds can be configured to run on schedule and sent to other systems.
  • Reports can be set up to be automatically sent to internal and external parties.
  • Customer-created reports are displayed in standard menus and can be scheduled and emailed just like any standard Vista report.
  • Web services are well-maintained and documented. They can be used by you or a third party to extend the Vista ecosystem.
  • A flexible plugin architecture is carefully created and maintained, and is available for several areas of our software. Country, region, and customer specific integrations are plugged directly into core software and don’t require a software upgrade. 

Customisation Capability

You can customise our software to work the way that’s best for you; present different views of the information and create a quick menu or shortcuts for tasks you perform often. Our software is built to operate around the world.  The system is easy to maintain and configure - made to adapt to a wide range of business processes.

  • Flexible language support enables you to add new languages and to change software text and messages to match your requirements.
  • Products such as Kiosk, Vista Web, Digital Signage, and Vista Mobile can be highly customised, giving you the ability to change simply the logo, or change the layout and screen flow.

Open Hardware

Specific hardware isn’t required to operate our software.

You can run products such as POS or Kiosk on PARTech, NCR, IBM, and J2 standard personal computers with touch screens and tablets. Using our plugin architecture, Vista software operates on a number of card swipe readers, cash drawers, and customer displays.

Best Practice Development Methodology

Vista’s agile development methodology and iterative release cycle lets us deliver enhancements to you on a regular basis - and we do! There is no standing still at Vista, we continue to meet the new and changing demands of your business. 

Sophisticated Application Architecture

A variety of system architectures are implemented to ensure the best approach for your situation:

  • A distributed computing model is used when users and data are co-located. This ensures high availability, responsiveness, and no single point of failure.
  • A centralised computing model is used for central data control and reporting. Access to remote application logic and data processing is provided via web services that can be load balanced across multiple servers for performance and redundancy.

Easy Deployment and Monitoring

Applications are built with ease of deployment in mind. Software can be installed via a simple wizard, or automated using the command line. Remote cinema clients such as POS and Kiosk are self-upgrading when a new version has been installed at the site. There is no need to go to each individual machine to upgrade.

Our FREE Circuit Manager software enables automated upgrades to be planned, scheduled, and executed from a central website for an entire circuit. Your IT staff can look at the health of machines within their network and obtain a full overview of the versions of Vista software on each machine.

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