Software Implementation

What happens when you choose Vista?

For nearly two decades, we’ve been helping cinemas set up their Vista cinema management solutions. Our robust set of proven processes means effective delivery. Additionally, we’ll come to wherever you are and implement on site.

First, we build a lab environment to ensure that all elements work together perfectly before your cinema is setup. During installation, we work with your teams to configure Vista, and then efficiently train your staff on your new systems. Our on-site support continues until you are comfortable using Vista.

Working With Vista Flow Table

Customer & Software Support

How we support our customers

At Vista, we have a favourite saying; We like to do good things with good people. That is how we approach customer support. Our people love and understand cinema, and we train them to be the best in the business.

When you call, you’ll talk directly with an expert in Vista software—a person who understands the language and terms used within cinema exhibition. We have four offices and seven business partners around the globe, enabling consistent and timely service and support.

Software doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. We have a strict maintenance programme that converts continuous improvement into reality and is standard for all Vista users. It essentially works this way:

  • Modify the existing system to cope with changes in the global software environment.
  • Implement new or changed user requirements brought about by functional enhancements to the software.
  • Diagnose and fix any errors.
  • Design a future-proof maintenance programme to increase reliability and prevent problems.

The maintenance programme includes:

Ongoing support
Once we have installed Vista software systems, we are always available to help, with phone, email and in-person options. You will have access to our technical teams, and a secure login to the Vista Services Site, which includes access to the Vista Knowledge Centre.

Vista's Knowledge Centre
Vista’s knowledge base and forums are the essential go-to source for keeping up with the latest updates and discussions. We provide round-the-clock online access to our support documentation, and a channel to receive your feedback. Forums, articles, webinars and helpful tips are also found by searching our online resource.

Software Updates
You’ll receives our regular, innovative update packs that add new features and that keep our product evolving to meet the challenge of a changing industry. We constantly lead with the latest developments.

Optional Services

Optional Enhancements to Vista Customer Service

We also support you through these optional add-ons.

After Hours Priority Support
You can opt for an extended support option, for high priority issues. The Vista Customer Services team can be contacted 24/7.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reporting
Each month, Vista will provide a Flash Report detailing the volume of calls for the period by category and priority, as well as a copy of the SLA performance calculator.

Each quarter, a more detailed report pack will be provided in addition to the monthly reports. It will also include an explanatory report on any SLA failures, including exclusions.

Vista Learning

We offer a range of courses to enable your teams to get the best out of Vista and focus their attention on delivering the best experience to the moviegoer.

All the Vista Learning modules belong to one of the following Vista product tracks:

V-Systems: Behind the Scenes
Providing the tools required for your IT team to install, maintain, integrate, and automate your Vista system and hardware.

V-Cinema: Behind the Action
Covering the day-to-day running of a single site, including CashDesk operations, with optional training on Group Sales and Staff Scheduling.

V-Sales: Behind the Counter
Providing front-of-house training in Vista components for your new cinema employees. This provides the essentials on core Vista processes, freeing up your Shift Supervisors and Cinema Managers to train new employees only on the processes that are specific to your organisation.

V-Circuit: Behind the Operations
Introducing centralised circuit management using Head Office and associated modules, with the option to learn how to apply Vista’s business intelligence capabilities to circuit data.

Vista Learning Chart

Giving your cinema employees the opportunity to complete a set of Vista Learning courses in each track to gain formally recognised/recorded Vista Certification.

Vista Learning courses are delivered in five ways:

Instructor-led Classroom
Conducted in a classroom environment. Most courses include access to hardware and software for a hands-on learning experience.

Instructor-led Onsite
Where we bring a qualified instructor and equipment as required, directly to you.

Virtual Classroom
Online learning, facilitated in real time by a qualified instructor.

Courses are available online through the Vista Learning Management System. This provides flexibility for students to learn at their own pace, from any location in the world that has reliable Internet access. 

Customised Training
Tailored Vista Learning courses to meet your specific requirements and using your environment.

Vista Training Methods

Vista Consulting

Vista Usage Audit
Once you have Vista up and running, we can help you optimise your investment.

Leveraging our business and project experience, our consultants know how to help you review and improve your processes, with the clear objective of achieving efficient and measurable results.

Localisation (Language) Management
Each country has specific rules and requirements when it comes to selling tickets and concessions in a cinema. Vista software is fully configurable, but for specific countries, some functionalities might be locked down or made mandatory.

We can build tailored ‘Country Packs’ with country-specific reports and fiscal requirements. We also support user interface and help with file translations and we can provide Vista Language Manager extensions.

Custom Reports and Extracts
Vista comes with over 150 different built-in reports. We recognise that you may have specific report requirements and want to extract data to upload to external systems.

Our development teams can create customised reports and extracts based on your specific needs.

Loyalty Programmes, Promotions and Deals Consulting
Vista experts will assist you in designing and implementing a successful loyalty programme with targeted promotions and campaigns.

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