Session Streams

All Delegates - General Sessions

General Sessions (that include all delegates in a single session) are scheduled separately to the 4 simultaneous session streams and are not summarised here. These sessions open and conclude the Conference and so will be scheduled on Tuesday morning March 7th and Thursday afternoon March 9th. A full agenda with all of the sessions and times listed is published (V2, December 6th 2016) and we will continue to keep you informed as the schedule is refined.

This 8th Vista Customer Conference is positioned slightly differently in 2017 to reflect that Vista is now Vista Group - a cluster of companies that together provide technology solutions to the global film industry and more importantly, all either directly or indirectly to our cinema exhibitor customers. Accordingly, you can expect the content of the 2017 agenda to reflect this shift.

We have four subject 'streams' in 2017; 'The Business of Cinema' stream will focus on bigger picture industry development and trends and the indirect but critical technological innovation that the relevant Vista Group businesses offer. 'Engage Your Customers' we expect will be self-explanatory and of particular interest to the marketers in our customer organisations. 'Cinema Operations' will by definition largely focus on the business of Vista Entertainment Solutions (VES) and the Group business offers that add value/additional benefits to Cinema Ops. Stream #4 'Focus Topics & New Tech' will update you on the latest innovation Vista Group is already, or plans to be, making available to you.  

The SAME SESSION NUMBER of each of the four streams will be scheduled at the same time; for example - between 0830 and 0925 on Wednesday March 08th, Session #1 of EACH of the 4 streams will be scheduled and you will be free to choose which of the sessions you attend. This model of agenda enables us to optimise the value and volume of information we deliver, making sure that your visit to Auckland is one you're unlikely to regret.

The 'Vista Group Lab' will also run throughout the Conference hosted by Vista staff and our partners who will be ready to demonstrate product, show you anything at all, and answer your questions. Leading edge Kiosk software will also be demonstrated at Conference and watch out for some cool new technology with Vista partner and conference sponsor Microsoft.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all. In the meantime, under the heading of each of the 4 streams, we have provided as much information as we can given our Conference timeline.

Business of Cinema

#1 VES: What's new in POS? Just when you thought POS could't get any better, it has! More action-packed than a Jason Statham movie.

#2 Cinema Intelligence: Optimize film performance with forecasting and optimised schedules: Discover Cinema Intelligence, a business intelligence solution for cinema exhibitors designed to optimize forecasting, booking and scheduling of movies and PROVEN to increase revenues. Explore how to make the move to centralized film programming and showtime schedules creation. We will also talk about the VPF free world and how smart scheduling tools like Cinema Intelligence can help with the transition.

#3 movieXchange: Is a new service to help update your sales channels with the latest movie media and information. Working with studios and distributors around the globe to gather approved promotional artwork and media, movieXchange will deliver it automatically to your sales channels through Vista Connect and the Vista Content Delivery Network.

#4 Numero: Delivering box office results faster than ever to the global film industry; Numero's clean, fast and simple interface allows you to immeditaely view and analyse the performance of your cinema chain. With a variety of reports and filtering options, Numero has delivered a box office analysis platform like no other. 

#5 Vista Digital Signage: Vista's Digital Signage has undergone a complete transformation to keep pace with the rapidly evolving signage technologies available. Now delivered as a Web application along wth Android and Windows players designed for PCs and Smart TVs, the new product has a wide range of deployment options as well as simplifying the hardware and deployment requirements. Come and see what the new product offers with all of the exciting new functionality we have planned. 

#6 MACCS: What should exhibitors know about MACCS? Focussing on MaccsBox, a web-based services suite that integrates workflow between distributors and exhibitors. From online ordering – to digital delivery including sending KDM’s and DCP’s fully automated from distributor to exhibitor – to e-invoicing in real time based on box office, learn how MaccsBox can be the linking pin between exhibitors and distributors.

#7 Cinema Intelligence Rolling Forecasts: Discover how to enhance your decision making and profitability for your business through the availability of forecasted data and analysis. Discover integrated tools and dashboards for forecasting, budgeting, booking movies and group sales.

#8 Vouchers & Gift Cards: Vista's first-hand experience in this segment of the market enables revelatory insights and knowledge of trends relevant to all exhibitors.

#9 Case Study - Rec Room: Cineplex’s new entertainment complex The Rec Room has cinema, multiple fine-dining restaurants, live music, sport, dancing and other social activities, bowling, gaming and even axe throwing lanes! A session on the story of Cineplex partnering with Vista for cinema, F&B and gaming; as well as delivering some extensive and time critical work along the way.

Engage Your Customers

#1 MOVIO: Getting to the heart of moviegoers. Movio co-founders Will Palmer and Peter Beguely present the 2017 roadmap for Movio's flagship SaaS product for cinema exhibitors - Movio Cinema.

#2 POWSTER: Put Your Cinema on the Distributor Map. All 6 major movie studios and over 50 other distributors use Powster to list your cinema on their websites and marketing materials; learn how to optimize how you're represented and get the best results for your cinema. A few easy fixes can increase attendance, discovery and results.

#3 MOVIO: Experts Session #1 - Top Trends to Future Proof Your Loyalty Strategy. Movio's Sarah Lewthwaite, Strategic Partnerships Director for EMEA & Matthew Liebmann, Snr. VP for North America present a series of four sessions focused on maximizing the value of your loyalty program and database marketing strategy.  In this first session they examine loyalty marketing trends in order to help you develop or refine a strategy that will stand the test-of-time.

#4 MOVIO: Experts Session #2 - Understanding The True Value Of Your Member Data. Matthew Liebmann shares best practice tactics and operations to capture robust and reliable data - the foundation of any meaningful data commercialization strategy - using Movio Cinema and Movio Media.

#5 VES/MOVIO: Vista Loyalty & Movio Cinema. Maximize your Loyalty data collection & leverage it; we'll show you how these two products work together to optimise the value of your loyalty program like never before.

#6 Vista Mobile – what the world of cinema needs from apps. Vista Mobile is set to become the #1 choice for cinemas on the apple and google play stores worldwide. In this session see the recent features and exciting roadmap that will make this app the preferred choice for all your moviegoers’ interactions with your cinema.

#7 MoviePass: Increase your moviegoing audience and their spend; the subscription economy will play a major role in the future of cinema exhibition for the engagement of younger moviegoers. MoviePass, the leader in theatrical subscription, has made headlines in reports concluding that attendance among a subscription audience was lifted as much as 100% and concession spend increased as much as 123%. The MoviePass business model allows moviegoers the ability to attend movies in theaters for one fixed monthly fee. It's a win win for customers, exhibitors and studios; moviegoers go to more sessions and spend more in doing so. 

#8 MOVIO: Experts Session #3 - Target & Segment; Never Mind the Mainstream. Matthew Liebmann and Sarah Lewthwaite share proven segmentation strategies and case studies that will help you engage niche audiences. 

#9 MOVIO: Experts Session #4 - How to Maximize your ROI with Movio Cinema. Sarah Lewthwaite shares her top tips and explores case studies on how a data-driven marketing approach will increase your company profits.

Cinema Operations

#1 VEEZI: 'Power to the Independents' - global growth via simplicity & stealth. Find out why Veezi is growing at an exponential rate. Now the world leader in the independent cinema market, Veezi really has started a revolution. Come and see the software in action and find out what cool stuff the Veezi team has created that makes their independent community so loyal to the Veezi cause.

#2 Vista Apps – the making of InTouch.See and hear our new directions for delivering visually rich real-time circuit wide information for Executives, as well as interacting with cinema managers and staff.

#3 Cinema Manager: Vista is re-imagining how our software can assist in running an efficient Cinema operation. Taking 21 years of experience building our Back-Office application, we have crafted Cinema Manager, a web-based tool to revolutionse the way your Cinemas are managed. Come to this session to get a first look at what we've created and to see where we are going.

#4 F&B Operations: Bursting with flavour-packed features, come and see what we've been cooking in the Vista kitchen. Hot tips on staff tips, something slick for your servers, or chic for your chefs - there are features for all your F&B staff. And don't forget to save some space for dessert, in the remote concession session.

#5 MovieTeam: MovieTeam, first launched at CinemaCon 2016, is the new cloud based staff management solution and it’s definitely picking up steam! This session will give you an introduction to the product and show off some of 2016’s new features, designed specifically to help cinemas decrease labor costs and increase staff engagement.

#6 VES GROUP SALES: Streamline your group bookings like never before. Corporate or other Group bookings are a great way to increase revenue for your business, but they are complex, time consuming and error-prone - the combination of which can rather erode profitabiity. Group Sales takes care of the complete process, from engaging with clients to Film Programming to Cinema management and to Finance, it delivers a smooth, co-ordinated outcome - for you and your customer. Come along and see what's new with Group Sales.

#7 F&B Remote Concession Ordering - POS, Mobile, Kiosk: Maximise concession sales with F&B at your customer’s fingertips. Get yourself ready for the preparation rush. No spoiling the party with queues, know when your customers arrive and let them mingle until they are notified their food is ready for collection or to deliver to their seat.

#8 Film Programming Web and Trailer Scheduling: Change for the better. Film Programming has seen some changes, the largest of which is that it's no longer delivered only as a Windows application: it now offers two new web tools, Session Scheduler and Trailer Scheduler. Session Scheduler has been developed to be used collaboratively by film programmers and cinema managers, allowing them to view and edit the same data at the same time. Trailer Scheduler offers a way to easily automate the creation of trailer schedules for your films across all the cinemas in your circuit, saving you A LOT of time but no loss of control.

#9 Cinema Manager (Repeat Session): Vista is re-imagining how our software can assist in running an efficient Cinema operation. Taking 21 years of experience building our Back-Office application, we have crafted Cinema Manager, a web-based tool to revolutionse the way your Cinemas are managed. Come to this session to get a first look at what we've created and to see where we are going.

* This session is expected to be popular; hence 2 opportunities to attend to include more in your team and avoid missing another stream presentation.

Focus Topics & New Tech

#1 Vista Service Framework: A real time dashboard of software health? Applications that know where their servers are without having to be told? Managing configuration settings centrally? A website that can receive session time changes as they happen at cinema? No longer far away dreams - this is some of the functionality that Vista’s new Service Framework has recently unlocked. It’s the technology platform that will underpin many Vista products in the future and it’s enabling things that weren’t previously possible. Come to understand what Service Framework is, how it works and what the future holds.

#2  Innovation Showcase: Vista has innovation DNA; ever since it was built as the first cinema software platform that combined ticket and concession sales, we have endeavoured to merge deep business knowledge with advances in technology to deliver cutting edge software to cinema exhibitors and their customers. ‘Innovation DNA’ means that our teams regularly explore new and emerging technology stacks internally and with our technology partners. Sometimes these project outcomes make it into your product suite, sometimes not; either way we store new knowledge for future development.

This session will showcase recent projects including an intelligent chat bot created for film discovery and ticketing, an early look at what commercial cloud enabled Business Intelligence might look like, personalised customer recommendations at POS and many other projects big and small. Come and take a look and judge whether this is innovation to give your business an edge.

#3 Business Intelligence Futures: Join this session to explore the future of Vista's BI and Analytics products such as Head Office Uploads, Circuit Stats and Performance Dasboard, and how these relate to our Cloud Strategy. This will be an open forum session so bring your ideas and the challenges you face turning data into insight and make sure Vista is mapping the future of BI to meet your needs and wants.  

#4 Data and Access Security: The security landscape is often a difficult one to understand and make sense of. TLS 1.2? JWT? HMAC? Hashing? Signed Binaries?  Come along to this session to demystify the confusion and discover what tangible steps you may be able to take to help secure Vista Software and the data within your network. Also discover what Vista is working on in this space to help you stay ahead in this ever changing exhibition world.

#5 Cloud Deployment Workshop: Find out the detail of what Vista is doing to enable centralising the deployment of Vista Cinema across your circuit and the potential to use this shift to maximise your ROI on Vista Software.

#6 POWSTER: Discovering cinemas in Virtual Reality; a close look at VR experiences designed to increase cinema attendance; Star Wars - Force Awakens, Blair Witch and Tarzan... all have had experiences listing cinemas' showtimes inside Virtual Reality. Learn how to capitalize on these experiences and be part of the Virtual Reality worlds. 

#7 Maximising Application Performance - Configuration, Requirements & Monitoring: With the trend continually moving towards the world of ‘online’ sales, system performance is key. Vista has invested huge effort since our last conference on tuning online applications for performance and scalability. Come to this session to discover how to make best use of these advantages to streamline your Systems and monitor their performance to satisfy even the most eager movie fans when sessions for that next big block buster go on sale.

#8 VES: 'Super Cool' - the Online Platform Online Uncovered (Chinese Session): Designed and developed to accommodate increasinly desirable third party ticketing prevalent in China. Vista Entertainment Solutions at its innovative best.

#9 Keeping the Lights On… What should you consider implementing to ensure your Vista software, both at Cinema and Head Office level, is running 24/7? Your IT infrastructure is becoming a complicated ecosystem of Hardware, Software and Networks and they all need to be supported, secure and always on. We will take you through some real-life examples and explain what solutions shuld be considered to minimize risks to your organisation.



Vista Group Lab: Vista enables the 'on demand to suit you' demonstration of its products at the Conference venue Sky City Convention Centre in a specially configured environment. Our product portfolio is obviously larger now than has been the case in previous years; we look forward to specifying our 2017 Lab and telling you as soon as we can what to expect.