Session Streams

All Delegates - General Sessions

General Sessions (that include all delegates in a single session) are timed separately to our 4 session streams and are not summarised here. These sessions open and conclude the Conference and so will be scheduled on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. A full agenda with all of the sessions and times listed will be published soon and we will let you know the moment it is available.

This 8th Vista Customer Conference is positioned slightly differently in 2017 to reflect that Vista is now Vista Group - a cluster of companies that together provide technology solutions to the global film industry and more importantly, all either directly or indirectly to our cinema exhibitor customers. Accordingly, you can expect the content of the 2017 agenda to reflect this shift.

We have four subject 'streams' in 2017; 'The Business of Cinema' stream will focus on bigger picture industry development and trends and the indirect but critical technological innovation that the relevant Vista Group businesses offer. 'Engage Your Customers' we expect will be self-explanatory and of particular interest to the marketers in our customer organisations. 'Cinema Operations' will by definition largely focus on the business of Vista Entertainment Solutions whilst Stream #4 'Technology Deep Dive' will update you on the latest innovation Vista Group is already, or plans to be, making available to you.  

The SAME SESSION NUMBER of each of the four streams will be scheduled simultaneously; for example - between 0830 and 0925 on Wednesday March 08th 2017 Session #1 of EACH of the 4 streams will be scheduled and you will be free to choose which of the sessions you attend. This model of agenda enables us to optimise the value and volume of information we deliver, making sure that your visit to Auckland is one you're unlikely to regret.

The 'Vista Group Lab' will also run throughout the Conference hosted by Vista staff who will be ready to demonstrate product, show you anything at all, and answer your questions.

The title and summary of each of the 43 SESSIONS Vista is scheduling for the Conference (incl. General Sessions) is in development and we will post a full schedule in the coming weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. In the meantime, under the heading of each of the 4 streams, we have provided agenda examples.

Business of Cinema

The (Vista) Super Cool Online Platform: Yes - this really is the name applied to this product for initial launch into China. We uncover the reasons why in this session; from pricing, session scheduling and third parties management through to monitoring sales and user actions, Vista's SCOP is the ultimate platform for managing remote sales across your circuit.

Cinema Intelligence: Business intelligence solutions for exhibitors designed to optimize forecasting, planning and scheduling of movies PROVEN to increase revenues.

Global Trends: What actually is happening in China? Vista's first-hand experience in this market enables revelatory insights and knowledge of trends relevant to all exhibitors.

Numero: Box Office reporting via the Cloud - why you should care.

movieXchange: Is a new service to help update your sales channels with the latest movie media and information. Working with studios and distributors around the globe to gather approved promotional artwork and media, movieXchange will deliver it automatically to your sales channels through Vista Connect and the Vista Content Delivery Network.

Engage Your Customers

VISTA APPS: Vista Mobile; Vista Mobile is set to become the #1 choice for cinemas on the apple and google play stores worldwide. In this session see the recent features and exciting roadmap that will make this app the preferred choice for all your moviegoers’ inter-actions with your cinema.

MOVIO: Movio's mission is simple; utilise big data to help the industry better understand moviegoers - ensuring you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Their sessions will include a product roadmap overview as well as practical tips on getting the most out of your customer data. Additionally, meet the 'Movio Experts' in their series of 'how to' sessions that will cover technology, loyalty and data science.

Vista Loyalty & Movio Cinema: A marriage made in heaven? Maximise your Loyalty data collection and its integrity, and then leverage it.

Powster: A movie marketing platform like no other - find out why and what you need to know about it.

Cinema Operations

Introducing Cinema Manager: Our intuitive new product from Vista Entertainment Solutions built from the ground up and the answer to managing the day-to-day operation of your cinemas.

VISTA APPS: See and hear our new directions for delivering visually rich real-time circuit wide information for Executives, as well as interacting with cinema managers and staff.

MOVIETEAM: First launched at CinemaCon 2016, the new Cloud staff management solution brought to you by Vista Entertainment Solutions will lower and optimise your labor costs and raise your staff's happiness barometer.  And we will show you the new MovieTeam features developed over the past 12 months. This product has been built with love and is hot.

Technology Deep Dive

Vista Cinema in the Cloud: As you might expect Vista Entertainment Solutions has been hard at work re-imagining Vista Cinema and future-proofing the product to keep pace with the changing face of cinema exhibition; we look forward to sharing an update of what we have done and where we are going.

Trailer Scheduling: Those trailers screening prior to your blockbuster movie are an important opportunity to leverage your distributor relationships and further maximise your cinema's income. We will show you how Vista technology is enabling that opportunity.

All New Digital Signage: Vista's 4.5.5 release saw a complete transformation of Digital Signage; re-imagined, Digital Signage is no longer delivered only as a Windows application but also as an Android app for smart TVs. This is only the beginning and we look forward to telling you all about it.


Vista Group Lab: Vista enables the 'on demand to suit you' demonstration of its products at the Conference venue Sky City Convention Centre in a specially configured environment. Our product portfolio is obviously larger now than has been the case in previous years; we look forward to specifying our 2017 Lab and telling you as soon as we can what to expect.