• Vista Apps Technology

    Vista Apps - changing the cinema experience

    Vista Apps are mobile apps that are dramatically changing the nature of cinema experiences and operations. Driven by engagement with both end-users and customers, Vista Apps understands what moviegoers want and cinemas need from mobile.

    27/03/2017 Ruby Kolesky

  • Bruce Murray 2000 Culture

    Vista Entertainment Solutions Turns 21

    August 06th 2016 marked the 21st birthday of Vista Entertainment Solutions, Vista Group's flagship and founding business. Reaching such a milestone is normally cause for celebration and a chance to tell a few stories about the journey to adulthood - maybe even pull out some old family photographs you thought (hoped?) everyone had forgotten about.

    04/11/2016 Bruce Wighton

  • Vista Uncovered Listing White papers

    Vista's InTouch Stocktakes

    This Vista Uncovered explains how improved inventory management is one of the many critical operational processes that can be streamlined with Vista’s InTouch. Empower cinemas to maintain and track stock more efficiently, and your circuit will benefit from not only cost savings but also boosted revenues.

    28/07/2016 Will Riley

  • Thebfg Movie reviews

    The BFG

    I remember the first time I read the BFG as a child of seven or eight while in the back of my grandparents’ car on our way to Wales for a holiday. I was frequently travel-sick when young, especially when reading in the car, but refused to put the book down. I’ve got similar memories for many of Roald Dahl’s books, but The BFG was always my favorite.

    12/07/2016 Dan Stokes

  • Map Schoolboy Dave 001 Industry

    The dawn of the POS-less cinema era

    When I was a child, going to the cinema was an experience everyone appreciated. There were staff to help you every step of the way. I’m not suggesting we should go back to those days, but I was intrigued to visit a cinema a while ago that had gone ‘POS-less', and there wasn't quite the same service feel.

    07/07/2016 Dave Smith

  • Findingdory Movie reviews

    Finding Dory

    Finding Nemo was Pixar’s fifth release and, in my opinion, their first perfect film. They’ve repeated this feat a couple of times, but this was their first with no flaws: every joke found its mark, every emotional beat was hit, every character was unique, and the pacing was perfect. So its sequel, Finding Dory, has big shoes to fill.

    28/06/2016 Dan Stokes